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Illegal Mazar was built after AAP councillor won polls but Hindu temple not allowed at the place where Sahil Khan killed Sakshi: OpIndia Ground Report

A Mazar is located around 50 meters away from the place where Sakshi was murdered, allegedly constructed illegally by the local AAP councillor soon after winning election

On Sunday, May 28, 2023, in the Shahbad Dairy area of Delhi, a young man named Sahil Khan brutally murdered 16-year-old Hindu girl Sakshi. The postmortem report revealed that Sahil had stabbed Sakshi multiple times with a knife, resulting in 16 large cut marks spanning from her neck to her stomach, causing her intestines to protrude. Following the knife attack, Sahil proceeded to repeatedly strike Sakshi’s head with a nearby concrete slab, resulting in severe damage to the head of the deceased girl.

OpIndia conducted an on-site investigation to assess and gather information on various aspects surrounding the tragic incident. Our primary focus was understanding the motive behind the murder, evaluating the current situation, and collecting relevant information from the local community members impacted by the incident. Notably, a deeply distressing video of this murder had gone viral on social media.

During our interactions with the residents, we initially planned to visit the location where Sakshi was brutally murdered. However, before reaching the site, we noticed a gathering of media personnel with cameras in one area. Upon inquiry, we discovered that it was the office of the Aam Aadmi Party MLA. Interestingly, unlike typical MLA offices, there was no noticeable signboard or banner indicating the presence of a political leader. The intriguing backstory behind this peculiar situation was later unveiled.

The location where Sakshi was tragically murdered seemed relatively calm, with only a couple of YouTubers capturing footage. The mainstream media, on the other hand, was positioned at a considerable distance. Notably, the crime scene and the office of the Aam Aadmi Party MLA were situated a mere 200 meters apart, with a park separating the two locations. This so-called park lacked vegetation and greenery, and adjacent to it we saw a sizable Mazar. It was during the exploration that we encountered a resident named Dalip Kumar in the vicinity of the Mazar.

OpIndia has spoken to Dalip Kumar about Sakshi’s murder. In this conversation, we questioned him about a park located about 50 meters away from the murder site and the Mazar adjacent to it. To this, Dalip said, “There was no tomb in the park before. About 10-15 years ago, there were some bricks kept over there in the name of Mazar. After this, 5-7 years ago, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) councillor Jai Bhagwan Upkar (who is now an MLA) first got the roof of the Mazar installed after winning from here. When Hindus protested, the police reprimanded the Hindus instead of banning Muslims from building the Mazar.”

According to Dalip Kumar, the Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal promote this kind of politics. In such politics, Muslim interests are served, and Hindus are ignored. If Hindus protest, they are systematically threatened.

Dalip Kumar further told, “Adjacent to the park, along the roadside, there stood an idol of a goddess sheltered beneath a peepal tree. This sacred spot was frequented by local Hindus for worship. However, after the construction of the nearby Mazar, when the Hindu community attempted to erect a temple in place of the idol, the construction work was abruptly halted. As a result, the idol of the goddess remains within the unfinished temple structure, while the temple construction and completion are not allowed by the administration.”

Why the board was removed from the AAP MLA’s office?

In close proximity, a mere 200 meters from the location of Sakshi’s tragic murder, lies the office of Aam Aadmi Party MLA Jai Bhagwan Upkar. During our conversation with Dalip Kumar, the local resident, he expressed his disappointment with the MLA, highlighting his absence during Sakshi’s funeral. Additionally, Dalip Kumar shared a shocking revelation regarding the removal of the board and banner from the MLA’s office, shedding light on the reasons behind this unexpected decision.

He said, “Prior to the murder incident, signboards were installed outside the MLA’s office. However, the following morning, these boards were unexpectedly taken down. This action was undertaken with the intention of avoiding any perception that a murder had occurred in close proximity to the MLA’s office, so as not to negatively impact public sentiment about the leader.”

On Sunday, May 28, 2023, while en route to attend her friend Neetu’s son’s birthday celebration, Sakshi encountered Sahil, who intercepted her. In a horrifying turn of events, Sahil mercilessly thrust a knife into Sakshi’s abdomen, inflicting severe injuries. Despite her grievous condition and collapse to the ground, Sahil callously continued his assault. He then proceeded to wield a concrete slab found nearby, relentlessly striking Sakshi’s head. Tragically, Sakshi succumbed to the multiple stab wounds to her stomach and the brutal blows inflicted upon her head.

Sakshi’s murder did not unfold as a spontaneous act; rather, it was the result of Sahil’s premeditated scheme that had been brewing for several days. His sinister plan extended beyond Sakshi alone, as he had plotted to eliminate a total of five individuals. This conspiracy aimed to target both Sakshi and her male friends during their regular journeys along specific routes. For this, he had done recce of the roads. He had also consumed marijuana and alcohol prior to carrying out his heinous act.

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