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Yakub Menon rehash: Local Muslims in large numbers show up to give hero farewell to Sajid, who slaughtered two Hindu children in Badaun

Netizens were enraged at the apathy of these Muslims, who were practically celebrating the deaths of the two innocent Hindu children by paying a 'hero farewell' to their killer.

While the nation is still reeling from the horrific double murder of two Hindu children in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district, the Muslims in the hamlet chose to give a ‘hero farewell’ to the slain accused Sajid, who ruthlessly butchered the two minors. Sajid and Javed had stabbed the two Hindu kids Ayush and Ahaan 23 times after slitting their throats on the evening of March 19. Turning a blind eye to the sheer savagery displayed by the accused, thousands of people from the Muslim community joined the funeral procession of Sajid. On March 22, social media was rife with pictures of his funeral procession.

Sajid was buried on Thursday (March 21, 2024). His funeral procession was taken out through the Sakhanu village, located approximately 13 kilometres from Badaun. Sajid was a native of the Sakhanu village. Before this, his post-mortem was also done. After post-mortem, the body was handed over to his relatives. The surrounding Muslim population had come in large numbers for Sajid’s funeral.

After videos and photos of the funeral procession went viral, several Netizens expressed their rage. “Sajid slit the throats of eleven year-old Ayush and six year-old Ahaan and then reportedly drank their blood. In the holy month of Ramzan. This is the scene from his funeral,” Dr Anand Ranganathan wrote while expressing his anger at the callousness and apathy displayed by the Muslims of the village.

Another social media, aghast at the apathy shown by the Muslim community over the brutal murder of two innocent children, shared the picture of Sajid’s funeral procession with the caption, “Watch the funeral procession of the child murderer- Mohammad Sajid in Badaun. Thousands of people are at the funeral procession of Mohammad Sajid. What message does this picture convey?”

Someone else commented, “So much crowd at the funeral of Sajid, the killer of innocent children? It’s as if Sajid has accomplished a significant assignment. This is why there is such a large attendance at his funeral. Think for yourself and decide how many of those in attendance are good and how many are criminals themselves.

Those who are enraged at the apathy of these Muslims, who were practically celebrating the deaths of the two innocent Hindu children by paying a ‘hero farewell’ to their killer, should keep in mind how ‘liberals’ and Islamists from all over the country flocked to the streets nine years ago in 2015 to pay their last homage to Yakub Memon, the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts convict.

Yakub Memon was convicted for the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts and was sentenced to death. In 2015, the death sentence was carried out after his mercy petition was rejected. He was buried on July 30, 2015, at Bada Cemetery in South Mumbai. Thousands of Islamists and ‘liberals’ had descended on the streets of Mumbai to give Yakub, who was the only convict awarded the death penalty, a hero farewell. Not only this but an attempt was also made to turn Yakub’s grave into a tomb. LED lights had reportedly been put on this marble-covered grave and reports said that it was being guarded 24 hours a day.

Sajid also butchered two innocent kids. Javed, his brother, himself, attested to this. However, what happened? Was there any outrage? Did his community abandon Sajid? Is his community ashamed of what he did? Is there any hashtag like #AshamedAsAMuslim being trended on social media? Has anyone from the usual leftist-liberal cabal posted cartoons or images featuring knives, razors, blood, etc. on any Islamic symbols, all of which they undoubtedly would have done if the circumstances had been reversed, i.e., if the perpetrator had been a Hindu and the victim a Muslim.

Only because he is an adherent of Islam is enough for the Muslim community to show solidarity towards Sajid. It won’t matter to this community what he did or how horrible his offence was. The four members of Sajid’s family were sufficient to lend shoulders to him but hundreds of Islamists gathered to give him a hero farewell.

However, their support doesn’t stem from the perceived notion of religious fraternity and common brotherhood, colloquially referred to as the concept of Ummah instead it is driven by the hatred for dehumanised non-believers, pejoratively called ‘Kafirs’ (infidels) and shared theological believe of a common enemy. 

“Allah knows who killed the Hindu children”: Say Muslims from Badaun double murder accused Sajid’s village

While the nation is still grappling with the shock of the gruesome murder of two Hindu children in Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun district, the villagers of the slain accused Sajid have said that they are not sure if Sajid or someone else killed Ayush and Ahaan. Others said that Sajid had changed their residence twice.

OpIndia’s ground report team is on a mission to uncover the truth of the horrific murder of two Hindu children in Badaun. In pursuit of facts, OpIndia arrived in the village of Sajid, who slaughtered children in Badaun. Sakhanu village is located approximately 13 kilometres from Badaun.

When speaking with a Muslim man from Sakhanu, he expressed ambiguity questioning whether Sajid had murdered the Hindu children or someone else had done it. He stated that only Allah can determine whether Sajid killed the children or someone else did.

These locals, who visited Sajid and Javed’s barber shops for haircuts etc, stated that both of them seemed normal generally and had tied Kalava (sacred thread worn by Hindus). They added that the majority of their family members have kept names that do not explicitly reflect their religion.

Notably, on the evening of 19th March, Sajid, who ran a barbershop in Badaun, murdered two Hindu children, Ayush and Ahaan, with a knife (ustra). Sajid had fled after committing the murder. As reported earlier, Sajid was gunned down in an encounter with Uttar Pradesh police on the same day. Sajid’s brother Javed, who was there during the incident, escaped. Police teams were conducting raids in search of him. Police also announced a reward of Rs 25,000 on Javed. On the 21st of March, the police arrested him.

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