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Bollywood and its romanticisation of prostitution: Life of a tawaif was far from magical

Heeramandi and 'magic': Life of a courtesan was dark and tragic unlike in the Bollywood films

BBC raids: A look into the broadcaster’s long track record of tax avoidance and unscrupulous financial practices in the UK

BBC was accused of engaging in industrial level tax avoidance by employing people through personal service firms instead of direct recruitment

Transformation of Kutch: From the 2001 earthquake to hosting G-20’s inaugural Tourism Working Group meeting

Due to Narendra Modi's labour and efforts, Kutch has come a very long way from experiencing the deadliest natural disaster in the shape of the 2001 earthquake to hosting the inaugural Tourism Working Group (TWG) conference at Dhordo Tent City, as part of India's G20 presidency.

Punjab: Three people including an AAP leader arrested with pistols and cartridges, case registered

Punjab AAP leader Deepak Goyal and his aide arrested by police after six pistols and several cartridges were found from them

Islamnagar to be known as Jagdishpur once again after 308 years, read how Mughal general Dost Mohammad Khan had changed the name

Madhya Pradesh renames Islamnagar to its original name Jagdishpur, 308 years after Dost Mohammad Khan had changed the name

From Mughal Garden to Amrit Udyan: A look back at the soul of Rashtrapati Bhavan’s floral marvel

Although Amrit Udyan was called Mughal Gardens, the garden on Raisina Hill was not built by the Mughals, as the entire complex was built by British

‘Gareebi mein aata geela’ situation for Pakistan: With the country struggling to feed its people amid flour shortage, it now stares at loan default

Pakistan has to repay $500 million debt to a Chinese bank within 48 hours to avoid defaulting on the loan, and it has no money

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