Monday, July 22, 2024


Attack on Hindus

Finger cut, Hindu Gods insulted: 8 dreadful incidents of Islamist attack, abuse, threats on Hindus in Maharashtra in past 15 days

The state of Maharashtra is witnessing a massive increase in crime incidents against Hindus by Islamists after the Lok Sabha elections

Faridabad: Iqbal, Mehtab and others attack a temple priest by slashing his throat while chanting Sar Tan Se Juda slogans

On 28th June, a young priest at a local temple in Faridabad, Ravi Bhagat, was brutally assaulted and his throat was slashed using a knife by Islamists identified as Iqbal, Mehtab and their accomplices

Nuh: Mausam, Shahid and Arfat attack Hindu family allegedly for voting BJP in Lok Sabha Elections, police investigation underway

Three villagers identified as Mausam, Shahid and Arfat came and started discussing the Lok Sabha Elections with him. When Manoj told them he voted for BJP, they attacked him.

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