Friday, May 14, 2021



Rahul’s Day Out : Congress Vice President’s Gujarat tour creates political ripples

From allegations of political violence to counter allegations of fake drama, Rahul Gandhi's tour saw it all.

Gujarat or Rajya Sabha seat? Congress chose the latter

For the Congress, a Rajya Sabha seat may be more important than the state

RTI: Uttarakhand’s Congress govt paid Virat Kohli for a tourism ad from disaster rehabilitation fund

According to the RTI, Kohli was paid Rs 49.19 lakhs for a 60 sec promotional video.

Why Are Delhi’s Roads Flooded? – Some Solutions

Every problem has a solution, just that one must try to solve

His Honesty Kejriwal flying around while Delhi crying for Basics!

Delhi is not getting basic necessities while Kejriwal is busy scouting other regions

Media Apathy towards Chennai Floods

Media's response to #ChennaiFloods, Apathy to Incompetence

Package to Bihar – Reparation for decades of injustice?

A Bihari shows howBihar has been neglected for decades

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