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Maharashtra: Bajrang Dal members in Manchar thwart cattle smuggling attempt, 3 calves rescued, smuggler booked

When the police inspected the vehicle, they found three calves stuffed in sacks and the sacks were tied shut.

Maharashtra: Gaurakshaks in Pune save cows, Iqbal Alam and two other smugglers arrested; cow meat seized from a vehicle in Manchar

The Gaurakshaks and police took the cows to a local Jain Hindu Gaushala in Pune.

ISKCON sends ₹100 crore defamation notice to BJP MP Maneka Gandhi over her ‘ISKCON sells non-dairy cows to butchers’ comment

ISKCON issued a statement describing the accusations as "unfounded" and expressed its "deep pain" at the "defamatory, slanderous, and malicious accusations" made by the BJP leader.

‘Monu Manesar has been arrested by Rajasthan Police to appease Muslim vote bank, we stand with him’: VHP

Working President of VHP, Alok Kumar claimed that some time ago Rajasthan Police had called him 'innocent' and added that the arrest of Monu Manesar was carried out to appease the Muslim vote bank.

No direct involvement of Monu Manesar found in the alleged murder case of Naseer and Junaid: Rajasthan DGP

Rajasthan DGP said Monu Manesar is not among those who were directly involved or were present on the spot or had direct involvement in the incident. However, police are investigating whether he played any indirect role in this case or not.

Jharkhand: RSS member and Gaurakshak Shankar Prasad Dey shot dead by unknown assailants, local Hindus outraged

Shankar Prasad Dey's family members have alleged the involvement of a contract shooter in his murder. The local Hindu community is outraged by this shocking incident.

Maharashtra: Gaurakshak attacked with rods and sharp weapons for inquiring about sacrifice of 2 bulls on Bakrid in Nanded; Salim, Asif, Anis and 7...

As per the FIR, one of the accused persons ientified as Salim Autowala could be heard saying that, "Its too much now. He's (Sonu) way more interefering in our matter. Let's just finish him."

Son of Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge directs cops to kick ‘gaurakshaks’ in Karnataka, netizens fume

Although the contentious statement was made a few days earlier, the video of the speech of Priyank Kharge went viral on Saturday (June 24).

Maharashtra: Isaak Sheikh, Amer, Mujahid & Mujemir arrested in the Gorakshak murder case in Nanded district

The four accused Muslim culprits are sent to custody in connection with the Gorakshak murder case.

Gaurakshak murdered in Nanded, activists suspect the involvement of Sheikh Rafiq Mehboob gang and PFI connect: Details of FIR, what locals said and more

Maharashtra Police filed an FIR against 12-15 miscreants for launching an attack on the gaurakshaks in the Apparaopeth village of Kinwat taluka in Maharashtra’s Nanded district.

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