Friday, April 23, 2021


Greta Thunberg Files

“Soft spoken climate activists”, Khalistanis and why we need to talk about liberal privilege

Privilege is a way that dehumanizes the “other” in an insidious manner - which is why we need to talk about the 'liberal privilege'

Khalistani terror group SFJ launches website to support Disha Ravi, Deep Sidhu and others, starts email campaign to ban PM Modi in foreign countries

SFJ has urged its supporters to send emails to foreign ambassadors in India requesting to ban PM Modi from visiting their countries

US-based writer Gayle Kimball removes video of her 2020 interview with arrested ‘activist’ Disha Ravi: Here is what they don’t want you to know

In the 2020 interview too, Disha Ravi had gone on to spread misinformation and blatant lies to defame India on a global platform

‘We will make sure you are in the clear’: A panic-stricken Disha Ravi had told a panic-stricken Greta Thunberg after the Toolkit was tweeted

Moments after Greta Thunberg tweeted the "toolkit", climate activist Disha Ravi asked her not to tweet the toolkit as their names were on it and they could face charges under the UAPA

Shantanu Muluk, co-accused in Greta ‘toolkit’ case receives support from his cousin who is a Shiv Sena leader

Sachin Muluk said that his brother is a 'criminal' only if supporting farmers in their demands to repeal the farm Laws is a crime.

Aam Aadmi Party, ‘Farmers protest’, Greta toolkit and Khalistan: The dots that need to be connected

While Congress fanned a protest with clear Khalistani roots, AAP too, it would seem, was inextricably involved with the global conspiracy against India.

‘Law is the same for all’, says Delhi Police after ‘liberals’ outrage on arrested ‘activist’ Disha Ravi’s age

Writer Mihir Sharma had earlier claimed that India proved to be a ‘big superpower’ by arresting a ’21-year-old climate activist’.

After Nikita Jacob admits attending Zoom call with pro-Khalistan Mo Dhaliwal of PJF, Delhi Police writes to Zoom seeking details

The Delhi police will also probe the funding of those involved in preparing the Google Doc toolkit related to the farmer protests

Khalistani links of Pieter Friedrich whose name surfaced in the Greta toolkit conspiracy: From being ready to work as a security guard to an...

A report by the Disinfo Lab has gone viral on social media which makes some startling claims about Pieter Friedrich.

Greta ‘Toolkit’ case: Absconding Nikita Jacob files for anticipatory bail after Delhi Police issues a non-bailable warrant

Now, Nikita Jacob, who was thus far absconding after a non-bailable warrant was issued, has filed for an anticipatory bail in the High Court.

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