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Hand grenade

Madhya Pradesh: Panic ensued after a hand grenade was found in the vacant ground of Bhind’s RSS office, bomb squad revealed it was ‘inactive’

On Friday, some children found a ball-shaped object when they were playing in the RSS office compound in Bhind, it turned out to be a hand grenade

Ukraine: Official detonates three hand grenades during meeting of a village council, 26 injured

The man executing this grenade attack is identified as Serhii Batryn. He is a council member who belongs to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People party

Kashmir: LeT’s affiliate TRF throws high-intensity hand-grenade at the home of Sarpanch in Baramulla

LeT affiliate TRF threw high-intensity hand grenade at Sarpanch house in Baramulla, family safe.

The UK: Man and son have a lucky escape after a turtle they found on the ground turn out to be live grenade from...

Man grabs his son moments before he was about to pick up a live World War 1 grenade thinking it to be a turtle on the ground

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