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Monu Manesar

Nasir-Junaid murder case and Nuh violence: Is Monu Manesar being made a scapegoat to fuel Rajasthan govt’s appeasement politics before elections?

The BJP has also suggested that Manesar could be used for appeasement politics by the Gehlot government. Only recently the Rajasthan DGP had stated that they are yet to find any evidence of Manesar's direct involvement in the murder case.

‘Monu Manesar has been arrested by Rajasthan Police to appease Muslim vote bank, we stand with him’: VHP

Working President of VHP, Alok Kumar claimed that some time ago Rajasthan Police had called him 'innocent' and added that the arrest of Monu Manesar was carried out to appease the Muslim vote bank.

Haryana: Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar arrested, to be handed over to Rajasthan Police

Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar was arrested by Haryana Police on September 12 and subsequently handed over to Rajasthan Police.

‘No evidence of hate speech by Monu Manesar, Bittu Bajrangi’s arrest not for rioting or violence’: What Haryana ADGP Mamata Singh said about Nuh...

I doubt that an announcement that he is arriving for a yatra falls under the ambit of hate/inciteful speech" Mamata Singh said to News18 on 19th August.

No direct involvement of Monu Manesar found in the alleged murder case of Naseer and Junaid: Rajasthan DGP

Rajasthan DGP said Monu Manesar is not among those who were directly involved or were present on the spot or had direct involvement in the incident. However, police are investigating whether he played any indirect role in this case or not.

“If Monu Manesar comes to Mewat, he will be crushed like onions”: Who is Mamman Khan who had threatened dire consequences in the Haryana...

Mamman Khan hit the headlines earlier this year for threatening Monu Manesar with dire consequences during Haryana assembly.

The asinine ‘Monu Monu’ song by Ravish Kumar just gave a violent call to action: Here is that one sentence and why it is...

Ravish Kumar says, "Find out Monu, Flush out Monu" talking about Monu Manesar and the Nuh violence where Islamists attacked Hindus

Haryana Violence: Monu Manesar denies involvement, blames Congress MLA for the unrest

Monu Manesar has denied any role in Nuh violence and blamed Congress MLA Mamman Khan for the unrest that gripped the region.

Islamists in Nuh used WhatsApp groups to gather stones and glass bottles for attacking Hindu procession: Report

According to police interrogation of accused, WhatsApp groups were created to collect stones and glass bottles to attack Hindu procession.

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