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Push for UCC, support for Pasmanda Muslims, and more: Key points made by PM Modi during his address in Bhopal

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has started its campaign in full swing for 2024 with the Prime Minister giving a clarion call to party workers for door-to-door outreach.

PM Modi bats firmly for Uniform Civil Code, calls out the opposition for provoking and misleading Muslims

PM Modi cornered the opposition parties claiming that they are provoking and misleading Muslims on the issue of UCC and Triple Talaq.

As BJP reaches out to Pasmanda Muslims, All India Pasmanda Muslim Manhaz asks Muslims to be ‘cautious’, focus on raising their dangerous ‘demands’

In 2022, at BJP National Meeting, PM Modi asked party to focus on outreach program for Pasmanda Muslims.

As Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind moves Supreme Court for SC status to converted Muslims, here is why BJP should be careful about their Pasmanda outreach

With Pasmanda Muslims forming 70-80% of the Muslims, the BJP furthering this trope becomes particularly dangerous. They are essentially insinuating then, that most Muslims today converted to Islam because of the discrimination they faced when they were Hindus and that they are still in bad economic and social conditions because of their identity when they were Hindus.

‘My father was Muslim but can’t confirm mother’s religion, because Muslims came to India without their wives’, says controversial poet Munawar Rana

Munawar Rana said that Muslim invaders took Indian women as wives, hence Muslims can't confirm if their mothers are Muslim or not

Pasmanda Muslims are ‘vote bank’, but rioting mob also usually consists of them: Eye Dalit quota but will vote for madarsa, maulvis

It appears that the benefits being extended to the Pasmanda community appear to be an extension of PM Modi's 'sabka saath, sabka vikas' policy he has been talking about. Even the BJP knows that this policy has neither received any political gains nor does it expect to gain anything.

BJP’s Pasmanda outreach could be a game changer but two questions must be answered: Will they bite and will it take away Hindu votes

BJP’s choice of going for the “deprived” is wise - especially the Pasmanda Muslims - be that as it may, the result is what matters. 

Pasmanda outreach by BJP: OBC Morcha demands 50% reservations for Pasmanda Muslims in Muslim institutions such as AMU, JMI

BJP OBC Morcha demanded 50% reservation for Pasmanda Muslims in Muslim institution continuing outreach program

9 organisations in Bihar, including one of Pasmanda Muslims, come together to talk about ‘communalism’, ‘caste census’, and ‘confused opposition’: Details

Nine organisations, including a Pasmanda Muslim organisation, to meet in Bihar to discuss communalism and confused opposition’

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