Monday, August 8, 2022



WATCH: So-called Liberals go into a meltdown after Trump takes oath as US President

Liberals went to crazy levels in order to protest against Trump

Numerous celebrities coming out in support of Jallikattu

After huge public support in Tamil Nadu, celebrities too join the chorus

Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari needs to be taught a lesson in ‘true nationalism’

A video shows Tiwari virtually making fun of people who stood in bank and ATM queues.

Rahul Gandhi’s and Kejriwal’s vulture politics gets exposed by social media

Nothing stays hidden from social media scrutiny

Disapproval vs Censorship

Legitimacy of modern App Wapsi protests

Truth of Delhi police hitting a ‘girl’ during protests

Police brutality is unacceptable, but so are media lies.

Karnataka Doctors shouting for help but Indian MSM cannot hear them

A Doctor from Karnataka writes about the striking doctors.

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