Twitter India’s policy head deletes tweets after people find out her political bias

For many, this alleged bias is just a reminder of another Twitter India employee, Raheel Khursheed, mocked and bullied a 15-year-old girl who dared to have a political opinion against Kanhaiyya Kumar, that didn't conform to Khursheed's own worldview.

There has been a recent storm brewing on Twitter where several right-leaning commentators are vexed about the increasing display of political bias by the platform. Earlier, Twitter CEO had admitted that its employees have a left-leaning bias. And repeated suspensions of right-leaning accounts have only strengthened the suspicion that Twitter is selectively targeting based on ideology.

Today, a popular right-leaning spoof maker, @Spook_Junkie was suspended for inexplicable reasons. This had angered many who questioned the basis of this bias.

Post the suspension, several right-leaning handles started looking for the root of this political bias. They dug up many tweets of Mahima Kaul who is the Director of Policy at Twitter India. The tweets were severely anti-Modi, pro-Rahul Gandhi and according to many, indicated Kaul’s own political bias that they said explains Twitter India’s ideologically biased approach. When these tweets started being dug up, Kaul allegedly deleted several of them.

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There were several deleted tweets where Kaul was seen using strong and derogatory language against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Someone also pointed out that Mahima Kaul, who is the Director of Policy at Twitter, instead of suspending the hate mongering handle @AmbedkarCaravan that regularly spews venom against Hindus, was following him.

While others dug up tweets which have not been deleted yet but point towards Kaul’s bias nonetheless.

For many, this alleged bias is just a reminder of another Twitter India employee, Raheel Khursheed, mocked and bullied a 15-year-old girl who dared to have a political opinion against Kanhaiyya Kumar, that didn’t conform to Khursheed’s own worldview.

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