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Didi, why fear if you have done no wrong: PM Modi asks Mamata over her govt’s ban on CBI

"Keeping the poor in West Bengal deprived of welfare schemes like Ayushman Bharat displays TMC's mindset," PM Modi stated in Durgapur.

After attending a public rally Thakurnagar in West Bengal, PM addressed a public gathering at Durgapur. PM Modi launched a 300km-long electrified stretch of the Railways, consisting of the Andal-Sainthia-Pakur-Malda and the Khana-Sainthia sections at Durgapur.

At both the rallies, PM Modi hailed the benefits of Union Budget 2019 and also launched scathing attacks on the opposition, and especially CM Mamta Banerjee. He also apologised to people of Thakurnagar, for the inconvenience they had to face during PM Modi’s rally. He said that their love and support was overwhelming and requested people to be patient while attending the rallies.

PM Modi slams CM Banerjee for indulging in violence towards BJP and her ‘anti-poor initiatives’

“I used to think that Didi who has herself suffered a lot during Left regime will not walk on the same path, but I was surprised that she adopted the same tactics,” said PM Modi in Durgapur. He added that CM Banerjee is using same paths taken by Left government to throttle democracy.

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“The way she is handling Bengal, I can give you in writing, that the CM’s exit is near” PM Modi added.

PM Modi said that every BJP worker follows the words of Swami Vivekananda and Syama Prasad Mukherjee’s idea of One India. He said that their enthusiasm and high spirit is giving CM Banerjee sleepless nights. This is the reason, he said, TMC is resorting to violence.

He also slammed the TMC government for their inaction over two dozens of infrastructure projects worth Rs 90,000 crore. He said TMC never executes those tasks, which does not reap personal benefits for them.

PM Modi labels the Union Budget 2019 as the budget of farmers and the middle class

PM Modi congratulated the people of Durgapur, for the Union Budget 2019. He said that this budget has tried to fulfil the long demand of the middle-class and poor sections of the society. He said that it required a BJP government to hear the grievances and act upon them, all the other parties only indulged in drama and only gave temporary benefits to them.

PM Modi told the public gathering that during the 2009 General elections, Congress government had promised large-scale loan waivers to farmers, to woo them for elections. PM Modi said that his government also could have done the same for electoral benefits. But, PM Modi added, the schemes promised by UPA are temporary while his schemes are permanent and will last forever with farmers.

In the budget, FM Piyush Goyal had announced a sum of Rs 6000 for poor farmers, that they will receive every year. PM Modi said that this initiative will benefit the farmer, in his everyday life. He also added that his government has taken care of the individuals belonging to the unorganized sector, that comprises of taxi drivers, or daily-wage workers. He said those individuals will be entitled to the pension after the age of 60. He labelled the initiatives as the biggest reforms since Independence.

PM Modi slams TMC government over the withdrawal of Ayushman Bharat scheme and ban on CBI

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had decided to pull out from Ayushman Bharat scheme, Modi government’s flagship healthcare programme launched in 2018, under the Ayushman Bharat Mission that intends to provide coverage of Rs 5 lakh per family annually. CM Mamta Banerjee had accused PM Modi of taking full credit for the roll-out of the scheme and neglecting state government’s contribution.

PM Modi attacked CM, for her anti-poor initiative and said that this shows her mindset. He also asked people to punish the government for being insensitive towards the poor.

“It does not go well with TMC government when a poor hails PM Modi’s efforts,” PM Modi said.

During UPA era, PM Modi said, he was interrogated by agencies like CBI and faced probe while being in power as a CM. He said that he never banned CBI for its work, even though he knew it was getting handled by the Central government. He slammed CM Banerjee for hampering the CBI’s work in the state and said that if she is clean and honest she should not fear them.

PM Modi talks about the scams of the previous regime and opposition

He also mentioned the Sharadha chit fund scam and the patronage that the accused are getting under the TMC rule. He also asked people whether they know about the Trinamool Tolabaji Tax or TTT. He said this tax is only applicable in Bengal, and common people are everyday victims.

He also mentioned the opposition rally at Kolkata, last month where leaders of Congress and many regional parties had gathered to rant against the BJP government. He said those leaders had come together so as to fight against him because he had stopped their illegal works. He also said his government is hell-bent on unearthing secrets after secrets of the scams, as his government is continually bringing absconders back to the country.

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