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The ‘healing touch’ and Gandhis’ own country: As angels from heaven spread their healing touch, heathens tried to spread canards

The amount of kindness we get from the Gandhi siblings and their mother can easily outweigh all the 12 AgustaWestland choppers and is worth much more than all the plots sold in Haryana and Rajasthan.

We already know that the Gandhis are divine, they are not from this world, we mere mortals, that too, brown heathen mortals, do not deserve them. Yet, they continue to shower their divine grace on us. They wave at us, smile at us, they even talk to us, and ask us to call them by their name like we are their equals.

As if all that smiling and waving was not enough to purge us of our sins and fill our hearts with happiness, they sometimes even climb down from their vehicles to walk among us and behave like us, like mere humans. Isn’t that another sign of their greatness, that such divine angels even walk among dirty, smelly people and try to blend in the crowd, oblivious to the three dozen cameras following them?

Just days ago, we saw a glimpse of how kind, graceful and loving Rahul Gandhi is. When a journalist named Rajender Vyas was allegedly hit by a motorcycle just at the precise moment when Rahul’s cavalcade was passing through the general area, by pure coincidence, of course. Rahul was kind enough to spot that journalist from his bulletproof vehicle and stop. Or so we are told.

In the videos of that incident that surfaced later, ungrateful souls pointed out that the journalist was probably faking it, as there was no injury on him. In videos shared on social media, the journo was seen asking Rahul to wipe his forehead again, so he can ‘put the footage to use’. Heathen, non-believers tried to spread the canards as if the entire episode was fake. Sheer blasphemy. Faithlessness.

This is what the angels of heaven have to endure on earth when they attempt to teach non-believers the true faith. The tainted non-believers fail to notice that it was not a physical injury that Rahul was trying to heal. They are here to clean our tainted souls. The amount of kindness we get from the Gandhi siblings and their mother can easily outweigh all the 12 AgustaWestland choppers and is worth much more than all the plots sold in Haryana and Rajasthan.

Leftists have been screaming their lungs out since May 26, 2014, that democracy is in danger and media is under attack. Looking at the frequency of ‘journalists’ falling ill or meeting with accidents just when the Gandhis are in the vicinity, it becomes slowly clear what the leftists have been going on about all these months.

Yesterday in Wayanad, another poor ‘journalist’ allegedly was in danger. Sorry, as some reports say, an entire media bus was put under danger in Modi’s India. It was another divine coincidence that the media bus met with an accident precisely in the area where Rahul and his sister Priyanka were present.

But as luck would have it, even if the accident happened in Modi’s India, the location was Rahul’s Wayanad. So then, both siblings hurried to help the poor soul with their divine presence.

Not paying the slightest attention to the dozens of cameras positioned around them,  the Gandhi siblings unleashed their grace all over the place. While Rahul tried to carry the stretcher by standing on its way and touching the handles, Priyanka carried the man’s shoes in her own hands. Such kindness, such simplicity, and genuine compassion are absolutely rare in an age of media props and PR stunts.

As it happens always, the faithless have again started casting doubts over the incidents. Too many ‘injured’ journalists in too precise locations in too short a timespan they say, with all the impunity of their heathen souls.

Such lack of faith is unfortunately rampant in Modi’s India. Even when disciples of God heal ailments and thwart Lucifer’s sinister attacks with the mere power of their touch and prayer, the devils of Modi’s India still disbelieve them and cast doubts. They claim their healing powers as fake and call it all a PR stunt. Similar allegations are being made on the incidents of ‘injured’ journalists too.

Non-believers will always doubt. Modi’s India has so many of them. But as we gear up for an election season in the middle of summer, more and more politicians will campaign. Hundreds of journalists and camerapersons will tail them. Let us hope that the Gandhi siblings are present in the vicinity whenever any journalist, god forbid, faints or feels weak. Maybe that is the reason Rahul has chosen Wayanad after all. Why should the blessings of the Gandhi family be limited to Raebareli and Amethi? Kerala should get it too. It is now Gandhis’ own country.

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