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Why I think Prime Minister Modi will win 2019 and why some people won’t believe in it

The 2019 campaign is much more well-settled on the ground, solid and subtle. In 2014, it was the party, the nationalist BJP wanted people to vote for them. In 2019, it is the people who want to vote for Narendra Modi, because they do not want to vote for Chrisislamist Congress supportive of Balkanization of India.

As the Elections 2019 draw to an end, the desperation rises among the intellectual gang which has even till yesterday considered Narendra Modi in the government as an aberration. Those who were amused, surprised and often aghast at common individuals coming forward, investing their time and money to promote Narendra Modi as a national cause, are now downright dejected. They tried confusing the electorate by creating fake demons out of windmills. The insecurities of all kinds were played out, from minority under danger to judiciary under danger to democracy under danger, nothing was left out. Nothing seems to have succeeded.

Rahul Gandhi did not give them much to play around with. Priyanka Vadra who was launched as Brahmastra too has now, it seems left them in the lurch. What comes out of the refusal of Priyanka Vadra to fight against Modi from Varanasi is nothing but an evidence of the fact that for the first family of Congress,  the grand, old party itself has become nothing but the handmaiden to the first family. The party, if the murmurs are to be believed, has been telling Rahul Gandhi to stop his chants of Rafale, since no one believes in his charges. The entitled prince, who when not even in the cabinet tore off an ordinance approved by the cabinet, refused to listen, so charmed is he with his own rhetoric, even after the courts and CAG, both judicial and constitutional bodies, gave clean chit to Modi on the cooked up corruption charges. Rahul Gandhi seemingly has been emboldened by the historic blunder of trumped-up Kargil Coffin-gate scam, which ended the political career of George Fernandes, before the case was thrown out of Supreme Court. He does not understand that India has moved since. He has become a typical habitual liar who cannot be trusted even when telling his name. I meant it as a saying but then he is Rahul Gandhi or Raul Vinci? Rahul Gandhi and his brazen, stubborn and tiresome jibe of Chowkidar Chor hai is best explained by Jonathan Swift in his essay The Art of Political Lying when he writes,

“A political lie is sometimes born out of a discarded statesman’s head and thence delivered to be nursed and dandled by the mob.”

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But then, I think, no such deliberations might have gone into it. Maybe he is not driven to the lies by his political necessities. Maybe he simply is enjoying being a thorough liar and the power that allows him to go around unquestioned about his lies. The man has no scruples and an immense satisfaction is quite evident on his face when he utters something stupid and vile. He seems to simply enjoy being ill-mouthed and untruthful. He seems to have developed a taste for perjury, almost to the point of addiction.  There is contempt case now against him in the highest court of the country as he tried to make the Supreme Court a party to his abuses and untruths. He walks out with a half-hearted apology and then repeats his lies again.

The problem with Rahul Gandhi is that he is not a sincere man. The left-liberal cabal which maintained a stranglehold over the independent thought in this nation over the last Seven decade, living at the crumbs the royals threw at the courtiers, is fast losing hope. They tried to make Nationalism, development, religious freedom and culture as mutually exclusive choices. They need not be and citizens were quick to note that. Indian people understood that Growth and Nationalist are not Either-Or choices. With Modi, they can have both. Modi’s 2014 election was a test of hope, an optimistic audacity, almost a flight of fancy. The campaign of 2014 was marked with a sense of euphoria, with foamy effervescence. There was a request from the party, towards the people, a nudge, a push, to elect Modi.

The 2019 campaign is much more well-settled on the ground, solid and subtle. In 2014, it was the party, the nationalist BJP wanted people to vote for them. In 2019, it is the people who want to vote for Narendra Modi, because they do not want to vote for Chrisislamist Congress supportive of Balkanization of India. (I did not want to write in such absolute terms but I am getting tired of people like Sushil Aaron who write with impunity and blatant disregard of intellectual integrity on global platforms like New York Times calling BJP as Hindu Nationalist party, in a hope to polarize Indian elections on communal lines, to favour Rahul Gandhi.

They are the people who are confused by the fact that even when they believe themselves to have led the common masses to an abyss of death and doom with fake stories of intolerance and hatred, the unwashed masses simply refuse to jump into the dark depth of family slavery. They are amused because they keep on feeding stories of re-emergence of Rahul Gandhi for the umpteenth time and no one any longer believes in them. They know the truth, but they believe that the undecided voters might still go with those they believe to be winning party, irrespective of the merit. In the process, they either convince themselves that Narendra Modi will lose and once again they will be deciding the intellectual direction for the nation, which the common people will follow like an obedient, unthinking herd of sheep.

They have been trying to convince people of lies so hard and for such a long time, that they have themselves begun believing in it. So they are again making foolish political predictions. And these poor political pundits remind me of that old essay of George Orwell on political predictions. George Orwell wrote on Political Predictions long time back something which rings true even today for Indian intellectuals predicting the political outcome of the elections favouring Rahul Gandhi, declaring a definite rout of Narendra Modi. Orwell writes:

“..Political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome….One could point to countless other instances of people hugging quite manifest delusions because the truth would be wounding their pride.”

This is almost reflective of the Indian intellectual scene. Those who claim to hold the charge of intellectual priesthood merely on account of their closeness to Nehru-Gandhi family fail to notice the apathy with which Rahul Gandhi goes absconding from Amethi after letting the constituency fall to abject ruin as the lowest income district in the state, on account of stupid and stubborn neglect as elected parliamentarian from the constituency. They ignore the fact that both the members of the first family sitting in the parliament riding on almost slavish faith of the people of Rai Bareli and Amethi are among the worst-performing parliamentarian on the basis of independent assessment. They will ignore the development Narendra Modi has provided to Gujarat earlier as the Chief Minister and to Varanasi now as an MP in the last five years.

They will ignore that people in 2014 voted for Modi because Modi wanted them to Vote him into power. On the contrary, in the current elections, people will vote for Modi because they want to vote for Modi. Modi is no longer a factor behind the now almost-certain Modi win in 2019 election. BJP wanting Narendra Modi to win and Narendra Modi wanting to return to power is no longer of any consequence. People will vote him into power even if he goes for vacations for the rest of the polling phases. It is the people of India who want Modi to be back in the power, rejecting the dynastic despot. After decades of silence, they have found their voice and are finally speaking. The democracy of India is now coming of age. It knows what it wants and does not need demagogues to make choices for them. The invested intellectuals of compromised integrity will ignore this truth because the acknowledgement of this truth is also an acknowledgement of their own irrelevance. They will ignore this truth because it wounds their pride. This is the truth which will explain the victory of Narendra Modi. He will win not because he wants to win. Narendra Modi will win because the people of India want him to win.

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