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Out, damned liar: The Quint crawls in its interview of Rahul Gandhi. Here is what Raghav Bahl never bothered to ask

The media hates democracy. What better way to get rid of pesky little unwashed plebians who have not started questioning the media czars than to instal an Anarchist as the leader of the sheep?

Propaganda website The Quint, which is often caught lying and pandering to Rahul Gandhi, got the opportunity to interview Congress President Rahul Gandhi. Raghav Bahl, founder of The Quint tweeted proudly that Rahul Gandhi had not asked The Quint to provide him with a list of questions beforehand. He also tweeted that this was a refreshing change and unusual in the times of ‘choreographed propaganda times’.

The media, which has traditionally been subservient to the Gandhis have often shied away from asking tough questions. One recalls interviews where the journalist asked him about his dog, Pidi, or when the current chief of Editors Guild asked Sonia Gandhi about her pasta tossing skills, or when Rajdeep Sardesai asked Sonia Gandhi about her cooking for her mother-in-law, the list, is truly endless.

Today, when the media waltz around with their nose in the clouds and head in the sand, talking about the freedom of press and democracy being upheld by tough journalism, the media, that has been consumed not just by its vanity but also its shameless brazenness, sits demurely in front of the crowned-by-default Prince and asks arrant questions that add nothing to the country’s political discourse whatsoever, other than furthering the Prince’s propaganda.

The Quint interview of Rahul Gandhi was no different. Raghav Bahl showed just how much the media was willing to crawl when it is asked to bend.

The Counters that were not

Bahl tweeted that Rahul Gandhi had become a ‘consummate politician’ when he refused to answer the question about how flexible he was when it comes to forming an alliance to ensure that the NDA stays far away from the seats of power.


Then, comes NYAY. Rahul Gandhi’s pet never-to-take-off-screw-India-two-ways-to-Sunday scheme. Bahl at the outset gives Rahul a hint as to where the interview is going with regards to this scheme. He says he is a strong proponent of welfare economics and supports the NYAY scheme. Bahl’s concern is that Rahul will have to better the economy to fund NYAY. Rahul, in turn, throws around random words which gave no concrete information whatsoever. “Change”. “We need new policies”. “Not too much change from the past but different approach”, “paradigm shift”, and what not.

Bahl, sat there grinning like a blithering idiot, much like Rahul.

Rahul then says that an economy is based on transactions, and India has so many people that we can have lots of transactions and Modi destroyed transactions. That is his yardstick of an economy. Just that. More transactions.

Bahl never bothered to ask Rahul about the NYAY scam that is brewing in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan where fake forms are being distributed to fool the gullible. He never asked him about the proof that Rahul Gandhi knew about the fake forms being distributed. He never asked him about his aide, Sam Pitroda, calling the middle-class selfish for not wanting to cough up the money for NYAY. Or his trusted adviser saying that they will levy inflation tax to fund NYAY. He never asked Rahul about the soaring GDP right now and down-in-the-dumps GDP during Congress’ tenure. When Rahul Gandhi talks about employment generations, Bahl never asked him how, in his manifesto, Rahul has basically taken ideas already implemented by the Modi government, like the ones for start-ups. But, of course, this was a brave, non-scripted interview.

Indian Economy

Rahul Gandhi talks about remonetisation of a demonetised economy, and Raghav Bahl says he agrees. Bahl never asked him that if most of the money came back into the system and the level of circulation has reached the pre-demonetisation level, where is the questions of remonetisation? In fact, when talking about deregulation, Bahl repeated the “won’t ask questions for 3 years” line taken by Rahul, that has already been implemented by the Modi government.


When Rahul Gandhi talks about GST, Bahl never asks him why Congress actively tried to stop the reduction of rates for several items. Not one question.

Loans of Industrialists ‘waived off’

Rahul Gandhi shameless repeats the lie that Modi waived off over Rs. 5 lakh crores of big industrialists. The “journalists” don’t bother asking him whether he even knows the difference between loan waiver and loans being written off by banks.

The fact is, most of the bad debt owed by the corporate sector are from the UPA era, and the Modi government has brought in revolutionary reforms in resolving NPAs. The government had introduced the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) to resolve the issue, and it had already recovered Rs 3 lakh crores in just two years.

Bahl managed to ask if Rahul Gandhi was ready for big changes like making structural changes in the banking system. The answer he got? ‘We want a paradigm shift”. What did Bahl do? Move on.

Surgical Strikes during the Congress regime

Rahul Gandhi again claims that the Congress government conducted 6 surgical strikes. There was no counter. No mention of the RTI response that said no surgical strike was conducted prior to 2016 or that former Army Chiefs have destroyed the claim of previous surgical strikes. There was no mention of any of it.

On the India-China Doklam stand-off

The liar-in-chief-messiah-of-the-media Rahul Gandhi says that China gave a clear message to Modi during Doklam and Modi then went to China and bowed in front of the Chinese. The media that was crawling and rubbing its nose of Rahul’s boots never bothered to ask him why a parliamentary panel headed by Shashi Tharoor that included Rahul Gandhi concluded that the Modi government’s handling of Doklam was spot on. The panel, which also included Congress President Rahul Gandhi, had stated that the Indian government managed to send the necessary signals to China that India will not acquiesce its unilateral and forceful attempts to change the status quo at any of India’s territorial boundaries.

Bahl never asked. He crawled.

Congress and its alliances

Rahul Gandhi flat out refused to answer and pointed towards the thin crowd to say that if he comments now, he would be insulting their mandate and that this discussion would and should happen only after they (voters) have delivered their verdict.

Bahl never bothered to counter this. Rahul has been talking about a grand alliance since the beginning of the campaigning season. So have other parties. The fact that he doesn’t have a clear, concise and ready answer to this question would only mean that the mahagathbandhan is in absolute disarray. It might also mean that Rahul Gandhi is clueless since mother Gandhi has stepped in to stitch up alliances before the results are announced, perhaps sensing that her son is more than useless.

Bahl also never bothered to ask why Rahul Gandhi had allied with radical Islamists in Kerala. Perhaps because The Quint itself whitewashes terrorists and humanises Osama Bin Laden. 

These facts were not posed to Rahul. These questions were shoved under the rug.

The questions Bahl never asked

You are out on bail yourself, how can you call the PM a ‘chor’ without any proof?

Rahul Gandhi is out on bail. He is an accused in a corruption case and that he is free is because pending litigation, Rahul is out on bail. Bahl never bothered to ask why he refers to the PM as ‘chor’ even after the Rafale deal got a clean chit while he, is yet to be acquitted and may as well be guilty of corruption.

Is there a Eurofighter angle to your Rafale pain pangs?

Christian Michel, the Congress era middle man in the AgustaWestland case whose father was close to Indira Gandhi, has revealed that he was a lobbyist for Eurofighter. In fax conversations between Michel and Guido Haschke that was accessed by OpIndia, Michel had an entire plan about how to rally for Eurofighter against Rafale. There were rumours even that Rahul met Eurofighter representatives in Germany. OpIndia had also revealed that Rahul Gandhi was linked to arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari who was not only a middleman for Airbus but also was snubbed by Rafale when he wanted an off-set deal. Sanjay Bhandari, the arms dealer, is a close aide of his brother-in-law, Robert Vadra.

Bahl never bothered to put forth these questions and genuinely ask Rahul just this: “Is there a Eurofighter angle to your Rafale cries?”.

It was just that simple. It was never asked.

What law were you talking about when you said Modi had passed a law to shoot tribals down? Were you not speaking the language of Naxals?

Rahul Gandhi had declared that the Modi government has included a provision in the Adivasi law which will empower the government to shoot down Tribals (Adivasis) without having to face any consequences.

This is the same language that the Naxals use to induce fear among the Tribals against the government. The Naxals have often resorted to distortions, lies and half-truths to incite Tribals into picking up the arms in opposition to the establishment. Rahul Gandhi’s recent utterances will be used as fodder by the Naxals to further provoke the Adivasis into joining their ranks and also help them in justifying their violent methods among their local population.

He had responded to the Election Commission defending himself and saying that this was said in the flow of political speech.

That’s how easy it was. Lie. Claim flow of political speech. Not care about the fear and hysteria one is instilling.

The pliant Raghav Bahl crawled. Never asked.

Who is ‘R’, the ‘Son of Italian Lady’ who is ‘Likely to become the PM’ referred to by AgustaWestland middleman

The ED had dropped several bombshells in the Court, even asserting that Michel has mentioned a certain “Mrs Gandhi” during interrogation. Officials also verbally mentioned that Michel has also named “Italian lady’s son R who might become PM’.

Christian Michel is a middleman in the VVIP chopper deal between AgustaWestland and the Indian Air Force (IAF). The wanted fugitive and middleman in the Rs 3,600-crore AgustaWestland chopper deal was brought to India earlier this month following his extradition by the UAE.

Christian Michel is accused of money laundering, bribery, and fraud in connection with the AgustaWestland scam. It is believed that he paid kickbacks to numerous ’eminent personalities’ including celebrity journalists to swing the deal.

There are several elements that might tie Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Ahmed Patel to the AgustaWestland saga.

None of these questions was asked. Who was R? Who is the Italian lady? Bahl crawled.

Wasn’t your farmer loan waiver promise a lie?

Rahul Gandhi also claimed that the Congress governments in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan had waived off the loans of farmers in “2 days”. What he did not mention was the complete sham the loan waiver was. A farmer who was under a debt of Rs. 24,000 got a waiver of only Rs 13. Days after the waiver in MP, a farmer had committed suicide as he wasn’t eligible. Farmers went so far as to threaten mass suicides over the loan waiver.

Dubious cases of non-existent farm loans being waived off have been reported in Congress led Rajasthan as well. Scores of names have appeared in the list of beneficiaries for the farm loan waiver scheme who had no loans against their names.

In Karnataka as well, which is another Congress-ruled state, farmers have been complaining against the government after several instances of farmers receiving repayment notices came to light despite Congress’ claims to have waived-off farm loans.

After the Congress-JDS government came in power, for the longest time, the loans of farmers were not waived off. When they were, it then emerged that it was mere lip-service by the coalition government. It emerged that the farmers were still getting recovery notices from banks for the loans they had availed. The government had also admitted that out of the Rs. 44,000 crore farmer loan waiver, only a paltry 800 farmers had benefited.

Recently, Kamal Nath, the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh had interestingly admitted that Congress does not have a magic wand and cannot waive loans within 10 days.

Raghav Bahl asked none of it. Instead, endorsed NYAY.

One has always wondered why the pliant media never asks truly tough questions to Rahul Gandhi. While the same media castigates Modi, in all his interviews, Modi answered questions about Rafale and all the allegations that have been levelled against him. Rahul Gandhi, on the other hand, gets away with mouthing platitudes.

Why is that?

It is said that media is the right arm of Anarchy. Anarchy is basically a society free of hierarchy. Where the ruler is redundant and people and institutions self govern. The media would love to have a dumb-as-a-button leader running the country, watching while stroking his dog, Pidi, as the country descends into Anarchy. In the state of Anarchy, it is perhaps the media that benefits the most. The media decides what people should know and not know. The mice play when the proverbial cat is incapacitated with stupidity.

The Media prefers Rahul Gandhi because that it the only way a pliant media’s writ can run large. The awards and accolades can flow freely for being incompetent and the people, who have not started holding a mirror to the media, can disappear into the darkness of untruthfulness.

The media hates democracy. What better way to get rid of pesky little unwashed plebians who have not started questioning the media czars than to instal an Anarchist as the leader of the sheep?

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