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The Jammu and Kashmir move is within the frameworks of India’s constitution: Russia backs India

By affirming that the decision is within the framework of the constitution of the Republic of India, Russia's statement has indirectly asserted that decisions regarding Jammu and Kashmir are India's internal matter.

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Days after India made a significant move bifurcating the state of Jammu and Kashmir and stripping the article 370 that gave the former state a special status, Russia has come up in support of India’s decision.

As per reports, in response to questions from the media, Russia’s ministry of foreign affairs has stated that they hope India and Pakistan will not allow the aggravation of the situation after New Delhi’s decision over the change in the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir while also stating their affirmation that the decisions over J and K are within India’s constitutional framework.

Russia has stated, “We proceed from fact that the changes associated with the change in the status of the state of Jammu and Kashmir and its division into two Union Territories are carried out within the framework of the constitution of the Republic of India.”

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They have also added that Russia is a consistent supporter of the normalisation between the relationship between India and Pakistan.

While asserting clearly that nay decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir is India’s internal issue, Russia has also made it clear that they believe any differences between India and Pakistan are only a bilateral matter.

The Russian statement also said, “We hope that the differences between India and Pakistan will be resolved by political and diplomatic means on a bilateral basis in accordance with the provisions of the Shimla Agreement in 1972 and the Lahore Declaration of 1999.”

Russia’s statement is a significant addition to the responses by several global powers after India’s decision regarding Jammu and Kashmir. So far many nations, like the UAE and Sri Lanka have issued statements that the decision regarding J and K is India’s internal matter, sending indirect messages to Pakistan to stay out of it. The Maldives had also affirmed that it is India’s internal issue.

India has sent out a stern message to global powers that any decision regarding the governance of Jammu and Kashmir and its reorganisation is India’s internal matter and no one should try to meddle.

Pakistan’s move to call for help has been failing badly as most countries so far have either taken India’s side or have given out measured, diplomatic responses calling for peace. Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, two OIC nations have also maintained diplomatic stand over it and cited UNSC resolution to call for a bilateral solution over any differences between the nations.

Pakistan’s hopes of whining at the UN were also dashed as UNSC president Joana Wroneka had commented yesterday that any differences between India and Pakistan are a bilateral issue.

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