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A climate change activist wants to ‘eat babies’ because they produce CO2. This is what alarmist theories have achieved

Aren't climate change alarmist prophecies the reason? Finding fault with right-wing, when there could be a time to look inwards and introspect that maybe they need to give people hope and not fear.

The 4th of October, 2019 marks the beginning of another glorious chapter in the history of climate change activism. One of Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s constituents declared during a townhall that we ought to start eating babies to effectively counter climate change.

“Because of the climate crisis, we only have a few months left. I love that you support the green deal but it is not going to get rid of fossil fuel, it is not going to solve the problem fast enough,” she said. “A Swedish professor said we can eat dead people but that’s not fast enough,” she said before adding, “So I think your next campaign slogan has to be this, ‘We got to start eating babies’,” while removing her jacket to show off the slogan on her t-shirt. “We don’t have enough time. There is too much CO2. Too much pollution, so we have to get rid of the babies! That’s a big problem. We need to eat the babies!” the woman continued.

The climate change alarmist politician realised that this was extremely bad PR for her lunatic ‘Green New Deal’. Therefore, she wanted people to ignore what was said by the hysterical woman. It is pretty obvious that the woman had some mental health issues but what really caught people’s attention was the fact that the woman, despite her radical ‘drastic measures’, was only one or two steps ahead of the alarmists.

Cortez herself has been going around telling people that the world was ending in 12 years. Her solution to the menace was the ‘Green New Deal’, which advocated that all farting cows must be killed to combat climate change. It also wants to get rid of all the airplanes and provide ‘economic security’ to those ‘unwilling to work’. The estimated cost of the deal would have been somewhere between USD $51-$93 trillion. It promised numerous radical proposals that seemed straight out of a deluded fantasy of climate alarmist.

People might have only now realised after the ‘eat the babies’ scandal that climate alarmists have gone too far. But they had gone too far a long time ago. Around the world, many youngsters are now saying they do not wish to have babies in order to combat climate change. Natural selection does indeed work in mysterious ways.

Bernie Sanders, a US-Presidential hopeful, wants to fund abortions in developing countries to combat climate change. Regardless of how we feel about abortion as an issue, using abortions as a means to combat climate change, is taking things too far, as all sensible people ought to agree.

Such rhetoric combined with apocalyptic declarations of the world’s end is bound to have a negative impact on people, especially those who are not entirely psychologically stable. If the entirety of the mainstream media, vast sections of the academia, the entire entertainment industry and vast sections of the polity was hammering in the message that the world is going to end in a matter of years, despite no evidence that any of it is true, it is bound to drive even normal people crazy.

We cannot say for sure whether the woman, who wants people to eat babies, was already psychologically unstable or she was turned that way by the barrage of propaganda directed at her by sociopaths in pursuit of power. The way things are progressing, it’s only a matter of time before we have eco-terrorists indulging in mass murder to curb the human population in order to combat climate change.

Words have consequences. The insane rhetoric around climate change and the even more dubious climate doomsday prophecies are driving people insane. There’s an entirely new kind of anxiety that has developed as a consequence of the climate change hysteria. It is referred to as ‘Eco-anxiety’. Psychologists are concerned that children are increasingly falling prey to it and are advising parents to discuss the matter in an age-appropriate way.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez cannot get away by saying that the woman was suffering from a mental health condition. They certainly turned one 16-year old with psychological health issues into an icon for climate alarmism. Questions must be asked as to who pushed her over the edge. Questions must be asked as to who is responsible for innocent little children developing anxiety issues over the climate change hysteria.

The fact of the matter is, climate alarmists are driving people crazy on purpose, not due to some higher objective, but purely because they are sociopaths and want power. Climate alarmists haven’t quite literally taken to eating babies to combat climate change, not yet anyway, but metaphorically, they are certainly engaging in the most horrible form of cannibalism.

As I have said before, the climate change hysteria is the Leftist version of the Christian apocalypse meme. They desperately need another person they can nail to the cross, they want another person willing to die for their sins, they want another human sacrifice so that the world could be saved from its sins. The Left may believe they have nothing to do with Christianity but every act of theirs reveals their Christian roots.

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