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Citizenship Amendment Bill has exposed Indian ‘liberals’ like never before

'Liberals' don’t care one bit what happened to Hindus of Pakistan or Bangladesh or Kashmir. They don’t care one bit what is happening in Assam. And things that are beginning to happen in Kerala and Western Uttar Pradesh.

Take a close look at this tweet.

The Wire journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani’s tweet from December 4, 2019

It is hard to make sense of this at first sight. Is she praising the government or criticizing it? Given her general track record, I think it is safe to assume this tweet was intended as criticism of the Modi government.

Which gives us a terrifying glimpse of how ‘liberals’ really see the world. Seriously? Is she implying that Pakistan is better than Israel?

The State of Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel has defeated entire coalitions of its enemies many times more powerful than they are. Israel is also the only country in the Middle East to have freedom of speech, freedom of religion, dignity and equal rights for women and homosexuals.

Israel has just 5 million people but is a technological superpower. A tiny desert nation with no natural resources, Israel has also pioneered technologies such as drip irrigation and water harvesting, which humanity will need desperately in the years to come.

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Did you know that Nazi symbols are not actually banned in Israel, despite everything that the Jewish people went through during the holocaust? Such is the absolute commitment that Israel makes to freedom of speech and expression. Suffice to say that Israel’s neighbors would take another thousand years to even understand the principles involved here and why they matter.

Any country in the world would be proud to achieve what Israel has. But for Indian ‘liberals’, Israel is not great. Israel is supposed to be sinister, a sign of evil. And, would you believe it, worse than Pakistan?  

In fact, opponents of the CAB kept bringing up Israel in the Lok Sabha yesterday.

Asaduddin Owaisi during the Citizenship Amendment Bill debate in Lok Sabha

What they do not realize is that they are not tarnishing the good name of David Ben Gurion. They are only exposing themselves. If history survives, it will not remember Owaisi. But it will surely thank David Ben Gurion for creating the only democracy in the Middle East.

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What we saw yesterday was a coming together of all sorts of folks: Politicians, intellectuals, journalists, activists. With one single aim. To whitewash history and deny the suffering of Hindus in Islamic states such as Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Sure, everyone had their own little sub-interest. The Congress refuses to accept how they failed the nation in 1947. The Congress refuses to acknowledge their role at the table with the British and how they had a clear incentive to partition the country on religious lines, getting rid of their big political rival. They want us to believe they just got lucky.

Then, there were the regional parties like Trinamool Congress, which have their fingers in at least two pies. One is a vested interest in votes of people who may be illegal migrants from Bangladesh. The other is a strategy of playing off Bengal against the BJP ruled North East.

Then of course there were intellectuals with their open letters and petitions.

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But to see all these groups come together under one umbrella with the single aim of pushing a radical Islamist agenda is terrifying. How else do you describe people who are trying to deny relief to persecuted Hindus from Pakistan and Bangladesh? Who could possibly dispute that Hindus were the victims of Partition? Who could possibly believe that economic migrants should be treated the same as refugees escaping for their life?

We have had these arguments a million times. No, the Indian Government has no obligation to treat foreign citizens of all backgrounds “equally.” And even domestically, India gives special privileges to religious minorities all the time. The only intellectually honest thing here is to similarly extend special privileges to those among migrants who are minorities in Pakistan or Bangladesh.

It’s not like ‘liberals’ don’t know about this. They just don’t want to treat Hindus as human beings; that’s all.

The liberal ‘idea of India’ is that there should be no India at all. Every generation of Indians “loses” some or the other part of this historic nation of Bharat. Seventy years ago, we lost Pakistan and Bangladesh. Around thirty years ago, when the Kashmiri Hindu genocide happened, we had essentially lost Kashmir. Now, we are approaching a tipping point in the North East, specially Assam.

And Bengal is finally in play. Whatever is left of Bengal, that is.

No, ‘liberals’ don’t care one bit what happened to Hindus of Pakistan or Bangladesh or Kashmir. They don’t care one bit what is happening in Assam. And things that are beginning to happen in Kerala and Western Uttar Pradesh.

They know what they are doing. Each time India loses a part of its body, their aim is to rush with anesthetics and tell us that all is well. That what we lost didn’t matter and was never ours to begin with. Whitewash what happened to the Hindus there. And most importantly, remind us that in whatever part of India we still have left, the Hindus are a majority. As such, they must give special privileges to the minority community!

As demographic change continues, in course of time, another bit of India is lost. Ironically, ‘liberals’ argue that this is even more reason to bend over backwards. Because the loss of another bit of India means that the percentage of Hindus actually increases in whatever portion remains!! In fact, if you ask them, the remaining portion of India is under moral obligation to open the doors and welcome even more demographic change.

Rinse and repeat, until India has shrunk to nothing. And Hindus have nowhere to go.

With the Citizenship Amendment Bill and abrogation of Article 370, the liberals sense a disturbance in the force. A bit of pushback. Hindus demanding a bare minimum piece of land where they can be free.

It is not incidental that the opposition forgot yesterday that Afghanistan shares a border in India. They don’t want to remember PoK. They have happily given it up for lost. The idea of India project is about making us forget. Making us forget that India has been around for thousands of years. Making us forget that Hindus have been around for thousands of years, living on much more territory than Bharat has today. Ultimately, making us forget that we even exist.

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