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Thank you, readers for a pathbreaking 2019: We are eternally grateful

The love you readers have showered upon us exceeded our wildest expectations

The year 2019 will be over in a matter of hours and with it, the decade shall come to an end. And what a year it has been. Events of monumental significance occurred one after the other and the latter half of the year, especially, was a relentless adrenaline rush. It was a very special year for the country.

For OpIndia, this was the breakthrough year in many ways. One of our exclusive reports was mentioned by the Prime Minister himself, another was mentioned by the Solicitor General in the Supreme Court. OpIndia reached new heights this year and it was a collective effort by the team that made it possible and we take pride in that.

However, none of it would have been possible if we did not have the trust and support of the most valuable people in the battle of narrative: You, The People. Without your unconditional support and continuous encouragement, we could not have accomplished all that we have. It is you, our dear readers, who provide us with the motivation necessary to make that extra bit of effort, to try that much harder. And for that, the OpIndia team is grateful.

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The relationship between OpIndia and its readers has always been one that we have cherished. Often, you have tagged us on relevant news stories and claims that you suspected were fake and requested us to verify the piece of news. When things were a bit low, you came out in our support and showered us with your love and encouragement. OpIndia will never be able to thank you enough for these kind gestures. They are a testament to the faith and trust you have put on us. And we shall be eternally grateful for that.

You have also helped us financially by paying OpIndia for our journalism. And you have been generous with the payments you have made. When OpIndia began, we could not have imagined that so many people would be willing to pay for the service that we provide. But once again, the love you have showered upon us exceeded our wildest expectations. We express our heartfelt gratitude to every single person for considering us worthy enough of your contribution.

When we entered 2019, we knew it was going to be an important year. It was the year of the General Elections. This year has been a wild ride for OpIndia. In 2019, we took back control over the narrative from the corrupt and the Lutyens elite and gave it back to you… the people. And in return, you have rewarded us with your trust and support. It is what everyone in this business aspires for and that is something you have given us in abundance.

OpIndia sincerely hopes that going forward, you will continue to put your faith in us. The year on the calendar will change from tomorrow, however, we hope the great bond that we share will not undergo any transformation. If it has to change, then we hope it only changes for the better. Once again, we express our sincere gratitude towards our readers and hope for your continued support going into the new year.

Last but not the least, we wish everyone a very very Happy New Year. And May the Gods bless you with all that you seek.

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