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Twitter’s attempt to shield Congress over toolkit controversy exposes USA’s ‘regime change’ operation against Modi

The conduct of Twitter reveals that there is an international plot underway against the Indian Government and it is undeniable at this point that the USA is attempting one of its 'regime change' operations in India.

The conduct of Twitter has been suspect for a very long time. But of late, it has become far more apparent. Twitter has been at odds against the Indian Government for quite some time and the feud has escalated greatly over the Congress toolkit.

A Congress toolkit surfaced on social media which described a deliberate attempt by the Congress party to use the Covid-19 crisis to undermine the NDA Government at the Center. The toolkit spoke of deliberately maligning the Kumbh Mela and blocking beds and using international media to aid the Congress campaign against the BJP.

The Congress party has called it ‘fake’ and since then, written a letter to Twitter following which the platform has added a ‘manipulated media’ label to a toolkit tweet by BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra. The Indian Government requested the platform to remove the tag since an investigation into the matter was underway but Twitter proceeded to add the label to more tweets by BJP politicians.

The conduct of Twitter reveals that there is an international plot underway against the Indian Government and it is undeniable at this point that the USA is attempting one of its ‘regime change’ operations in India.

USA has a history of ‘regime change’ operations

The USA, of course, has a history of conducting ‘regime change’ operations around the world wherein it attempts to subvert a ruling government it perceives to be inimical to its interests and substitute it by planting a more docile government in power that will be conducive to its interests.

In extreme case scenarios, the USA attempts it by using its military might, as we have seen in countries in the Middle East. But in situations where it is not possible, they attempt to do so by unleashing the might of its economic power and also through collaboration with local NGOs that receive funds from abroad. The Colour Revolutions are well known.

The USA also uses its corporate might to influence policy abroad. It might say that the corporates are private entities but there is great collaboration between companies based in USA and the government and the collaboration is enough to blur the differences between the state and the private sector.

The relationship became further evident during the US Presidential Elections in 2020 where private entities openly admitted that they engaged in a ‘conspiracy‘ to ensure Joe Biden’s victory. It is only natural that they did so only because they expected something in return from the incoming Biden administration.

Social media giants were involved in the campaign as well. Twitter and Facebook blocked a massive news break by the New York Post that presented Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, in poor light. They invented excuses to cover up the news story which ended up having some influence in the election results.

Since then, it has become evident that the news break was authentic and it was a malicious attempt by social media companies to block a story unfavourable to Biden’s chances of an electoral victory.

Twitter is a front for US interests

Twitter’s actions over the Congress toolkit ought to be seen in that light. The platform’s actions in 2020 reveal an attempt to act on Biden’s behalf to ensure Trump’s defeat. After subverting US Democracy, it appears that the platform is making an attempt to influence Indian elections as well.

Twitter engaged in malicious conduct during the ‘farmer protests’ as well. When the Government instructed the platform to remove tweets that peddled dangerous fake news and conspiracy theories that could endanger the law and order situation in the country, the social media giant refused to do so.

Instead, in its response justifying its decision, Twitter used the same phrase that it did during the Arab Spring. There is enough evidence to indicate that the Arab Spring itself was incited by USA, which had a devastating impact in the region.

For Twitter to use that particular phrase in the Indian context was the first clear sign that its actions were backed by the US Government.

Other indications that USA has been attempting to undermine the NDA Government

There have been other indications as well that the Joe Biden administration was attempting to undermine the current ruling dispensation. It is now well known that the USA blocked export of vaccine raw materials to India.

India was relying heavily on the Novavax vaccine Covovax for its inoculation efforts but the raw material embargo by the USA has deferred the arrival of the vaccine in Indian markets by at least 3 months. India was set to purchase 1 billion doses of the vaccine and it will be manufactured by the Serum Institute of India.

The delay in vaccination will directly impact Narendra Modi’s chances in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections and the Biden administration was acutely aware of that. The United States came under intense pressure recently to lift the embargo on raw materials following which it went into a PR overdrive declaring that it was helping India amidst the crisis. But nothing appears to have changed with regards to Covovax.

Furthermore, American media which serves as a tool for the American foreign policy establishment has been relentless in singling out Narendra Modi for the crisis despite the fact that it is opposition ruled Maharashtra that has registered almost 30% of the total deaths in India by itself.

The American media takes its instructions from the USA’s foreign policy establishment, as is evident from its silence on the fact that the US Government has been funding Islamic terrorists in the Middle East and also assisting a genocide in Yemen.

The American media was also overeager to amplify the lie that Saddam Hussain had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and have actively participated in the persecution of Julian Assange for exposing the crimes of the US National Security Establishment.

In international politics, it is common sense that countries would use every leverage to further its own interests at the expense of others. Therefore, it is not a “conspiracy theory” to assume that the USA is doing the same. Only recently, senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had almost begged the US to intervene in Indian internal matters. It seems they have been listening to him.

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