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Shah Rukh Khan says ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ and Islamists, with blue ticks, wish death on him, fourth year in a row

That even celebrity Muslims have cancelled Shah Rukh Khan this year for celebrating Ganpati one only wishes and hopes that may Bappa protects Shah Rukh Khan and his family.

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday took to social media to share a picture of a murti of Lord Ganesha ahead of visarjan following the Ganesh Chaturthi.

Ganpati Bappa Morya, he said as he and his family bid adieu to the Vighnaharta. And as usual, like clockwork, Islamists descended upon his timeline, asking him to ‘convert’ to Hinduism as idol worship is ‘haram’ in Islam. This time, the hate was not just limited to faceless, nameless trolls, but even blue-ticked and verified social media Islamists were out there attacking Khan.

Sameera Khan hating on SRK

Pro-Pakistan Twitter user Sameera Khan, who currently lives in US as per her Twitter bio asked Shah Rukh Khan to ‘convert’ already as idol worship is the greatest sin in Islam. She asserted that religion comes before nation and hence Khan should ‘convert’.

She was supported by other Islamists who called Khan ‘worst then kafirs’.

SRK worse than Kafirs

Kafir is one who does not follow Islam as faith. ‘Munafiq’ is a ‘false Muslim’ and decried in the Quran who may be outwardly Muslims but inwardly not a strict follower of the faith. Since Shah Rukh Khan celebrates Hindu festivals including idol worship of Lord Ganesha, he was branded a ‘munafiq’ by the Islamists.

More hate for SRK

Many called him Shirk and Kafir and many fundamentalists believe that kafirs and ‘non-believers’ deserve to be punished with death. Murtid is apostasy and apostasy is also to be punished with death.

Pakistanis losing their minds

His fans from Pakistan, where Bollywood and the Khans are very popular, were also quite triggered. Shoaib Niazi, who as per his profile worked with Pakistan news channel Geo News, was quite upset that a ‘role model’ was indulging in idol worship. When someone tried to put sense of inclusivity to Niazi, another Pakistani user claimed that idol worship is not necessary to be a good human and that by doing so, he was ‘proving his loyalty’ to those who ‘worship that particular idol’, that is the Hindus.

SRK being attacked

The pattern is predictable. Any Muslim celebrity who celebrates or wishes for non-Islamic festivals like Diwali, Christmas, get their Muslim credentials cancelled by Islamists.

Comments on SRK

One does not even look too far – a cursory glance under his tweet will show how the Islamists were triggered.

Unfortunately, this is the fourth year in a row (at least) that he has been attacked, and this time even the blue-ticked verified accounts joined in. OpIndia had reported last week how this year, Khan had skipped wishing his fans on Ganpati on Chaturthi earlier this month. This was after years of abuses and attacks by Islamists on him and his family.

These attacks on Khan are ignored by the so-called ‘liberal’ and ‘secular’ media who rather want Naseeruddin Shah to shut up for warning Indian Muslims against celebrating Taliban taking over Afghanistan. A Muslim celebrity, who otherwise feels ‘unsafe’ and ‘dara hua’ in India, once in a while mistakenly says truth about radicalisation amongst Indian Muslims once in a while, gets cancelled but the abuses faced by Shah Rukh Khan from these very radicalised people are ignored.

That even celebrity Muslims have cancelled Shah Rukh Khan this year for celebrating Ganpati one only wishes and hopes that may Bappa protects Shah Rukh Khan and his family.

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