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Chishtis of Ajmer Dargah continue hate speeches against Hinduism, Aadil Chishti insults Hindus over ‘animal Gods’ and ‘333 crore Gods’

While 33 Koti God does not mean 33 Crore Gods in Hinduism, Aadil Chishti further distorted it to 333 crore Gods, and mocked Gods in animal and human-animal forms in Hinduism

Chishtis and Khadims of the Ajmer Dargah have repeatedly incited hatred in the last few days over comments of Nupur Sharma and social media posts in her support. Continuing the streak, Syed Aadil Chishti – son of Sarwar Chishti – mocked Hindu deities. Aadil Chishti made the comments in an interview with Times Now in which he was saying derogatory things about Hindu gods.

In this video, Aadil Chishti said, “If Nupur Sharma is a Hindu, I have a few questions for her. How can one believe in the existence of 333 crore gods? How is this logical? We can understand if there is one god. We all are equal as humans irrespective of our religions. We believe in the existence of god and that there is an absolute god. There can be different interpretations of people of different religions. But, 333 crore gods, a wholesale of gods, how can that be believable? I feel that even if a person lives a thousand years, he cannot possibly please all 333 crore gods and goddesses.”

Aadil Chishti further said, “Secondly, I would also like to remind Nupur Sharma that in Hindu mythology there is also a mention of Lord Vishnu’s 10 avatars. A few of these incarnations are in Human form, a few in the form of the animal, and a few are hybrids of human and animal forms. I would like to ask her, are these 10 avatars possible or believable? You say that he is one God and then he appears in ten different forms. Some in the form of humans, some in the form of animals and then some in a fusion form.”

Aadil Chishti added, “Thirdly, how will she justify the existence of Lord Ganesh or Lord Hanuman? What I am trying to say that they were not of the human form, but you consider them to be your deities. Do these things sound logical? No they do not.” Aadil Chishti said these things on June 23, 2022.

Chishtis of Ajmer Dargah have made many such hateful statements in the recent past. Aadil Chishti’s father Sarwar Chishti had said that there will be a movement in India, so aggressive that the whole Hindustan will shake. Sarwar Chishti also called for economic boycott of Hindus. Sarwar Chishti’s nephew Gauhar Chishti gave ‘Sar Tan Se Juda’ calls demanding beheading of Nupur Sharma and those who allegedly insulted Prophet Muhammad. Gauhar Chishti also met Kanhaiya Lal’s killers. Kanhaiya Lal was killed in Udaipur for sharing a social media post supporting Nupur Sharma.

It is notable that in a major factual error in his statement, Aadil Chishti said that there are 333 crore deities in Hinduism. There is common misconception that there are 33 crore Gods in Hinduism based on the phrase ’33 koti devatas’. But 33 crore is wrong translation of 33 Koti, because the word Koti does not mean crore, but it means type. So, 333 crore is both mis-numbering and mistranslation of what it actually refers to.

According to Vedas, there are 33 types of deities. They are 12 Adityas, 11 Rudras, 8 Vasus, 1 Prajapati who rules them all and 1 Supreme Ruler. Adityas represent 12 solar months and different attributes of social life. 8 Vasus represent eight elemental gods signifying different aspects of nature. 11 Rudras include 5 abstractions, 5 roles of Shiva and 1 spiritual self. Rudras also represent ten energies and spiritual self. These 33 deities are called 33 Koti Devatas collectively. As the word Koti also means crore, it was wrongly translated as 33 crore by Europeans, and from that the misconception has spread everywhere. However, today Aadil Chishti distorted even more to 333 crore.

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