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All India Muslim Personal Law Board

All India Muslim Personal Law Board to challenge Supreme Court verdict allowing divorced Muslim women to claim maintenance and Uttarakhand’s UCC law

All India Muslim Personal Law Board on Sunday said that they will challenge the Supreme Court latest verdict, allowing divorced women to claim maintenance after the period of "Iddat"

Sharia-compliant manifesto? Congress bends to AIMPLB, hints at repealing triple talaq law and enforcing communal violence bill

The Congress promised to appoint more judges, belonging to the Muslim community, to the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

‘Muslims are governed by Shariat Law’: All India Muslim Personal Law Board opposes UCC bill tabled in Uttarakhand Assembly

AIMPLB opposed UCC bill introduced in Uttarakhand Assembly, stating that Muslims are governed by the Shariat Law.

As Muslim organisations talk about the supremacy of Sharia, AAP asks BJP to ‘convince’ all religions to accept UCC

AAP extends "in principle" support to UCC, however, asserts that it shouldn't be implemented in an authoritarian manner.

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani elected fifth President of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board

Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani was elected the fifth President of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) during an executive meeting held on June 3 and 4 in the town of Mhow in Indore, the officials said. 

Islamists begin their fear-mongering after the Gyanvapi verdict, Owaisi claims ‘another Babri’, AIMPLB says it will lead to violence

PFI President Oma Salam called upon the Anjuman Islamia Masjid Committee to protect the disputed Gyanvapi mosque from being reclaimed by Hindus.

Delhi HC holds the marriage of a 15-year-old child as legal, says a Muslim girl who has attained puberty is free to marry anyone...

The Delhi High Court recently upheld the legality of a 15-year-old minor girl's marriage, stating that she is of 'Marriageable Age' under Islamic Sharia Law.

‘Muslim girl above 16 is competent to marry any person of choice’: Punjab and Haryana HC cites Sharia to justify child marriage

The Court said a Muslim marriage is governed by the Muslim personal law, which allows marriage above the age of 16.

Transgender Muslim doctor asks Muslim men to quickly marry multiple times before polygamy becomes illegal for them, suggests marrying transgenders

"Don’t fall for romantic online relationships with non-Muslims," Dr Aqsa said while asking Muslims to avoid romantic liaisons with non-Muslims.

Barabanki: While Muslim organisations protest demolition of 100-year-old illegal ‘mosque’, residents of the building had fled after receiving notice

Officials say that the demolished 100 year old mosque in Barabanki was an illegal structure built on encroached government land

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