Tuesday, July 27, 2021



Will BMC do a Rajdeep Sardesai and sue an RJ for a joke?

Some corporators are reported to be urging BMC to sue RJ Malishka for a parody song on the corporation.

Yet another ‘EVM controversy’ turns out to be outcome of a blatant lie

It remains to be seen if action is taken against the perpetrator of the lie

BMC elections: a micro-level analysis

A detailed look at the local elections

How a media project to ‘secularize’ the Shiv Sena was on in full swing

A look into the articles before BMC results were announced reveals a lot about 'objectivity' of Indian media.

Maharashtra Civic Elections Results: The writing on the wall

From the east coast now to the west, BJP is emerging from the shadows of local parties.

Media’s initial euphoria about Shiv Sena winning at expense of the BJP gets cut short

Many journalists prematurely praisied Shiv Sena as it looked like beating the BJP in the BMC polls in initial trends.

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