Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Citizenship Amendment Act

Savdhaan India host Sushant Singh claims he was kicked out for speaking against CAA, but that may not be true. Read why

Sushant Singh tries to come across as a hero who 'speaks truth to the power' and gets 'punished' for it, but it may not be so.

Anti CAA campaign: Islamic fundamentalist organizations unite with ‘Urban Naxal’ linked and missionary funded NGOs

The dubious organizations want the NHRC to intervene in the matter of the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Delhi Police say Jamia rioters were prepared, violence was not spontaneous but well-planned

Delhi Police has arrested 10 persons over their involvement in the Jamia Nagar riots in Delhi.

Jamia Nagar riots: Jamia Millia Islamia blames ‘outsiders’ for the riots, claims 750 fake ID cards found inside campus since August

The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act began from Jamia Millia Islamia University and it is not clear whether students from the University were involved with the protests or not

How to debate Citizenship Amendment Act with ‘liberal’ idiots

Lots of misinformation, lies, and propaganda about CAA and NRC is being spread by self-styled liberals. This is how to counter them.

Watch: Sharjeel Imam, mastermind of Shaheen Bagh and The Wire columnist incites mob to do ‘Chakkajam’ in Delhi and bring north Indian cities to...

In the video, the man is saying that they (Muslims) need to do Chakkajam in Delhi and wherever they have sufficient numbers.

CAA exposes nexus between Congress and Islamists: Intelligence report says PFI, SIMI behind violent protests

The intelligence report, as per sources, says that banned radical organisations like SIMI and PFI are behind the violent protests against CAA.

IPS officer shuts up ‘legal expert’ Javed Akhtar who was mouthing platitudes instead of condemning heckling of a journalist by Jamia rioters

IPS officer Sandeep Mittal asked Javed Akhtar to expand on the law of the land he is referring to while calling the Delhi Police's action of entering Jamia university without permission illegal

Anti-CAA protestors can target residences of Amit Shah and other senior ministers: Intel report

The enraged mobsters of anti-CAA protests had yesterday blatantly indulged in acts of violence, vandalism and arson in New Delhi

Who is instigating violence in colleges: Congress, NSUI, a sinister WhatsApp group and anti-CAA protests

Evidently, anti-CAA protests are not organic. They are clearly coordinated by Congress while trying their best to ensure that the Congress, NSUI connect does not get revealed so these protests can be passed off as organic.

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