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Godhra Train Carnage

Balkanisation of South India, support to BBC, Hindenburg and OCCRP, lies about Godhra, CAA and Article 370: Arundhati Roy resorts to anti-India propaganda

Arundhati Roy desperately attempted to present her distorted version of India, a manifestation of her far-left politics, as the gospel truth.

‘Godhra-like incident can take place after Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir inauguration’: Uddhav Thackeray

Uddhav Thackeray claimed that a "Godhra-like" incident could occur during the "return journey" of the large number of devotees expected to converge in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, for the inauguration of the Ram Temple

Serious incident, not an isolated case of death: Supreme Court rejects bail pleas of 3 convicts in the Godhra train carnage case

"We are not inclined at this stage to grant bail," the three-judge bench of the Supreme Court said while hearing the bail applications.

Gujarat: Police arrest Godhra train massacre convict Qasim Abdul Sattar for jumping parole

Sattar was serving a life sentence for his involvement in the Godhra train massacre in 2002. Last year, Sattar jumped parole and was absconding since then.

Godhra massacre convict Hassan Ahmed Charkha released on parole by Gujarat High Court, was part of the mob that burnt the train carrying Hindu...

Godhra Canage convict Hasan had applied for parole in the name of the marriage of his sister's sons and daughters.

Godhra train burning case: Supreme Court grants bail to 8 life convicts

Supreme Court granted bail to eight accused responsible for the Godhra train burning incident in 2002.

Ehsan Jafri fired his gun and provoked the mob that killed him, court said. Read about uncomfortable truths about Godhra carnage and subsequent riots

Riots were unfortunate as was the Godhra carnage. Nothing justifies violence. However, when you condemn one and do not even acknowledge the other, you are being dishonest. If Ehsan Jafri's death is mourned, so should be the death of those 59 karsevaks, who have been forgotten for being Hindus.

59 Hindus were burnt alive in the S6 coach of the Sabarmati Express 21 years ago, know about two families who lost everything in...

These are stories of just two families who lost everything by the hands of the Islamist mob. There are many more who have not yet recovered.

Gujarat riots ‘cottage industry’: How the ‘activists’ and regime changers have built their career over corpses of Gujaratis

From Mukul Sinha to Teesta Setalvad to Harsh Mandar to Rana Ayyub and so many more, the ones who built their careers on the dead bodies of karsevaks who were burnt alive in Godhra

Snakes are now slithering out of Thames, BBC is no holy cow

Before pointing fingers at Modi over 2002 Gujarat riots, BBC should introspect overBengal famine triggered by the British govt

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