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Umesh Pal murder case

Prayagraj: Atiq Ahmed’s aide & Umesh Pal murder accused Nafees Biryani dies after massive heart attack

According to the police, Nafees earned Rs 2 crore in a month and a big chunk of this amount was sent to Atiq's wife Shaista Parveen.

Umesh Pal murder case: Atiq Ahmed’s lawyer shared the victim’s location before he was murdered, would FaceTime to plan the crime, arrested

Atiq Ahmed's lawyer used to FaceTime with him and his brother Ashraf to conspire in the Umesh Pal murder.

Ashraf Ahmed’s last words were ‘Guddu Muslim’, has he been arrested? Here is what Maharashtra Police said

Guddu Muslim changed his location several times following Umesh Pal murder, he travelled to West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat as well as Delhi, and the STF was continuously following him. Finally, Guddu Muslim ios arrested in Nashik.

‘I will show you when I come out’: Atiq Ahmed threatens police officers who gunned down his son Asad Ahmed in retaliatory firing in...

Mohammed Ghulam and Atiq Ahmed's son Asad Ahmed were killed in an encounter in Jhansi on 13th April 2023.

‘How can we call it wrong?’, reacts Mohammed Ghulam’s mother on his encounter; denies accepting the dead body

Mohammed Ghulam was killed in an encounter on 13th April 2023. He was wanted in the Umesh Pal murder case.

Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad, killed in a police encounter, was to marry his aunt’s daughter this year; preparations were delayed after Umesh Pal’s murder

Asad Ahmed, who was killed in an encounter on Thursday, was supposed to tie the knot with his cousin later this year.

Asad Ahmed and Mohammed Ghulam killed in police encounter: Here is their role in the Umesh Pal murder

Atiq Ahmed's son Asad Ahmed was prime accused in Umesh Pal murder case, Mohammed Ghulam had fired at Pal's car during the attac

After two encounters, now Guddu Muslim has been surrounded by police: Here is who he is and his role in Umesh Pal murder

Earlier in the day, Atiq Ahmed's son Asad Ahmed and his aide Ghulam were also killed in a police encounter in Jhansi.

Umesh Pal Murder: Crucial details of the murder plan found in register seized from Atiq Ahmed’s home, old video of gunfire celebration emerges

Atiq Ahmed and his shooters had made their iPhone IDs under various code names and communicated with each other under these aliases

Atiq Ahmad reaches Sabarmati jail back alive escorted by UP Police after being convicted in the kidnapping of Umesh Pal in 2006

Amid tight security, Mafia-turned-SP politician Atiq Ahmad was brought back to Ahmedabad's Sabarmati jail after completion of the court formalities in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

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