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Modi is here to stay, whether the 600 members of ‘intolerant gang’ like it or not

Spineless creatures crawl they don't lead.

The people of India are intelligent enough to know who is right for them and who is not and they have been exercising their right to vote for the last 70 years and they will continue to do so. They will never vote for Rahul Gandhi, a dim witted man child, for whom being the PM of this great country is nothing more than a childhood tantrum. The crowds that emerge on the roads of India and polling booths for Narendra Modi do not belong to one sect, but they represent India irrespective of class, creed and religion. Unlike the intolerant group of people with blinkers, they have the ability to differentiate between a false narrative and an honest intention and that is the sole reason Modi has been winning elections and hearts for the last 18years, first as a CM and then as a PM. It is unprecedented to see such kind of fervour for a leader of the nation.

If there was any iota of truth in the narrative that the “Intolerant” group has been trying to peddle for the last 5years, then India would be on the streets stirring up a revolution, just the same way in 2013-14 it happened and the Congress govt was literally thrown out because of a mass movement for it’s massive corruption and treachery.

The Gandhi family has a history of tyranny and anarchy. A little more than 25years ago- the era of Indira Gandhi, that was the Emergency era. Indira and Sanjay Gandhi, the mother-son duo were running the country like their personal fiefdom. Throwing people in jail was very common and their only grievance was, those people weren’t subservient enough. They wanted Kishore Kumar to sing in their private durbar, he refused, he was banned. Journalists, writers, politicians, activists were being thrown into the dungeon because they were not convenient enough for the fancy of the Gandhi parivar. Sanjay Gandhi actually sterilised poor people, because he believed they clearly didn’t have the right to procreate. So your advocacy that the Gandhi parivar is the messiah of the poor is either laughable or stems out of ignorance.

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Dear intolerang gang, this kind if inequity might be your kind of freedom but not New India’s.

Then came the era of Rajeev Gandhi, the Sikh killings and the justification, it’s fine if 80000 Sikhs are killed because Rajiv was a man out for cold blooded revenge- so it was rather justified to go on a carnage, might be your idea of humanity, not New India’s. Then Rajiv pioneered the era of corruption- his words, not Modi’s ” out of 100 paise only 15paise reaches the needy”. Corruption became the DNA of Gandhi’s.

But the era of Rahul and Sonia happens to be the crown jewel of the Gandhi dynasty. The mother-son duo ran a govt for 10 years pulling strings of a puppet PM and keeping the seat warm for Rahul Baba. This man’s ignorance and denseness is a must for the history books. But since you 600 odd people, are cheer leading for him, I am sure you can identify with Rahul’s level of the intellect, but majority of the country thankfully can’t. Except Rahul’s sister, who is a hobby politician, the entire family is on bail on corruption charges. They are so inefficient and inept for the job, that they shudder at the name of Modi, fearing humiliating loss, they choose to let Modi literally win uncontested than facing him in the electoral battle. Their this single step says how insincere they are about their job and most importantly about the election. Forget Rahul for a moment, let’s talk about the MahaGathbandhan- the so called coalition who ganged up to fight one man called Modi. The state of the so called MahaGathbandhan is a joke filled with selfish, egoist, power hungry people who could not even come to a consensus in something as simple as seat sharing for elections and these people want to run a coalition, imagine if it were to happen, that would be a royal mess.

You comprise of 600 odd people, your say would have a meaning, if your leader, Rahul Gandhi would have a spine. No one in Mahagathbandhan also is interested in ousting Modi. They are scared and spineless in front of Modi. Spineless creatures crawl they don’t lead. Your “Intolerant” ilk suffers from the Stockholm syndrome- a syndrome that happens when the captured considers the captor as their saviour. It is very difficult for many people who are used to the servitude of the Gandhi family to digest someone who does not have the ruler mentality while seating on the Supreme chair. Servitude is an addiction and unfortunately there aren’t many deaddiction centres. But hopefully, it should wean off with the time and if it doesn’t; then you have to continue behaving like the beast in heat coining agendas and absurd fancy terms like Intolerance.

Let’s get down to hard fact and the cold truth: Modi is here to stay, whether 600 of you like it or not. You are just a small drop of NO in the ocean of YES and your opinion does not really matter to India because come the voting day India will vote for Narendra Damodardas Modi. #BharatBoleNaMoNaMo

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