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Dear New York Times, India has chosen Modi 2.0, deal with it

Modi's win thumps the arrival of a unified, assertive and proud India that has finally learnt to bury its faultlines and look forward into the future.

The bulk of leftist controlled international media has always been hell-bent on projecting India as a land of backward, poor, snake charmers. The fact that the world has been changing under their wrinkled-up noses while they keep pontificating from ivory towers has somehow not registered with most of leftist, colonialist media, be it in India or abroad.

The New York Times, in particular, has been constantly, incessantly indulging in anti-India bashing. As a BJP government, which they term as a ‘Hindu nationalist’ government had taken charge in 2014, NYT had just upped their hate India quotient by several notches. From fake narratives about ‘Muslims in fear’ to dismissive, hateful articles on India’s culture, traditions and customs, they have done all they could to further their narrative against our country.

Even as counting for the Lok Sabha elections started earlier today, just take a look at how they have served the news:

PM Modi, the Prime Minister who has brought in the world’s largest health care scheme for the poor, has provided millions of women with free cooking gas, has ensured India surges ahead in infrastructure, technology, foreign investment, economic reforms and what not, is defined as ‘India’s most divisive leader’ by NYT.

The media outlet does not even bother to acknowledge that Modi’s win means that India, that had been divided and torn over regionalism, casteism, hooliganism for decades had voted overwhelmingly for development and nationalism. Modi’s win proves that India has discarded the shackles of dynasty politics, caste politics and regionalism that had been winning in past elections by pitching neighbour against neighbour, community against community and state against state. Modi’s win thumps the arrival of a unified, assertive and proud India that has finally learnt to bury its faultlines and look forward into the future.

In its attempts to malign India and the NDA’s ‘Hindu nationalist’ government, NYT has left no stones unturned. When India achieved the rare feat of a successful Mars mission in its maiden attempt, NYT had published a cartoon where a poor man ‘India’ in Dhoti Kurta, holding the rope of his cow, knocking at the doors of ‘Elite Space Club’.

NY Times cartoon after India’s Mangalyaan

This year, India added another feather to its hat. The India that NYT had mocked as a poor brown man knocking at the doors of the world’s ‘Elite Space Club’ shot down a satellite at the lower earth orbit with phenomenal precision, becoming not just a member of the ‘elite club’ but a space superpower.

NYT, which rushes in to brand random crimes as ‘Muslims under attack in India’, had presented the news as ‘Modi says that India shot down a satellite’, peddling a sense of disbelief and doubt.

In the case of the Kathua rape and murder that was lapped up by the leftists and was incessantly peddled as a case of Hindu atrocity on Muslims, NYT had published articles blaming the majority community, blatantly ignoring the countless reports that pointed towards a larger conspiracy against the accused. From Hindu lawyers to Hindu housewives, NYT had been in a hurry to put the blame squarely on ‘Hindus of India’, like the pseudo-liberals and their ecosystem.

When one looks at their past reports on India, a distinguished pattern emerges. Issues, data, facts notwithstanding, NYT only loves to malign India. A tax department raid on the promoters of NDTV and NYT comes up with an editorial titled ‘India’s Battered Free Press’. Then in November 2017, NYT hits another level, they run an op-ed on how the Saree, India’s widely popular female attire is in fact, a ‘Tool of Hindu Nationalist Campaign’. Mahindra and Mahindra opens a manufacturing plant in the US and NYT start the same old condescension, totally ignoring the fact that Mahindra has a significant presence in their country already.

No just India’s present, NYT had attacked India’s past too. They have even criticised India’s freedom struggle. From insulting the victims of the Godhra massacre to enabling the bogey of Hindu terror, NYT has done it all.

NYT’s hatred for India stems partly from the inherent colonialistic culture that never stops looking down at the “poor unwashed Indians” and partly from the leftist elitism that holds every aspect of an indigenous civilisation as backward.

So, when India chooses a government that not only accepts but proudly asserts its Indic culture, civilisation and Hindu beliefs, when India shreds the old bondage of caste, community and social faultlines that have been used as sticks by the likes of NYT to beat us down with, when India gives a thumping, unprecedented, overwhelming victory to a man who has made every single Indian feel proud of their nation, identity and heritage, the NYT’s heartburn is expected.

India has arrived dear NYT, and India is here to stay. Deal with it.

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