Home Opinions Even as Indian liberals and peaceniks hail 'peaceful' Pakistanis, abuse pours in against Sania Mirza post world cup defeat

Even as Indian liberals and peaceniks hail ‘peaceful’ Pakistanis, abuse pours in against Sania Mirza post world cup defeat

Earlier, the ‘peaceful’ Pakistani cult had created a sense of ‘joy’ in the hearts and minds of Indian liberals for their outstanding ‘grace and humour’ despite their loss to India in a world cup cricket match. Nevertheless, the Pakistanis seem to have returned to their natural instinct of being abusive.

On Sunday, the Pakistan cricket team, a tier-3 unit comprised of mediocre talents, just like their compatriots in the armed forces, lost to Indian cricket team in the ongoing ICC cricket world cup.

As stadium tickets were presumably unaffordable for Pakistani fans, they had instead visited free fan parks outside the stadium to cheer for their team and few of them also took to social media to mock their own team for playing such abysmal cricket. Soon, the Indian liberal circuit jumped on to the scene to hail the magnanimity of Pakistanis to move beyond their team’s loss against its powerful neighbour. The liberals showered praise on the so-called ‘light-hearted’ conduct of Pakistanis on social media following the defeat.

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Within just two days, the benevolence of Pakistanis has gotten washed away. The latest victim of the anguish of Pakistanis on Twitter is India’s sporting icon Sania Mirza, who is incidentally married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik, who was also part of Pakistani playing eleven on Sunday. Now, the Pakistanis seem to have made Sania Mirza a scapegoat for their defeat against India.

The abusive attack on Sania Mirza began with Pakistani actress Veena Malik unnecessarily dragging Mirza’s family and accused her of not taking care of the health of her child. She tweeted asking the sports star to act responsibly and not take her family to a ‘sheesha place’ to have junk food, which is ‘hazardous’ for both athletes and boys, according to Malik.

Sania replied by informing her that she didn’t take her child to any ‘hazardous’ place and asked her to mind her own business. Mirza also schooled Veena Malik saying that she was neither Pakistan cricket team’s dietician nor she was their mother or principal or teacher.

After motormouths like Veena Malik dragged Sania Mirza into an unwarranted controversy, it was time for other eminent intellectuals of Pakistan to share their blame on Sania Mirza.

Shockingly, a Pakistani person named Qamar Cheema, who performs the role of strategic affairs and defence analyst, including other circumstantial roles on Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV, crossed all the moral limits on a TV show when he questioned Sania Mirza’s loyalty towards her husband Shoaib Malik. Cheema claimed that had Sania Mirza been loyal to Shoaib Malik, she would have asked Malik to go back home. He also blamed Sania Mirza for the defeat of Pakistani cricket team for defeat against India.

Pakistan, a parody country of its own and an only ‘dysfunctional’ state disowned by its owns citizens, is the epitome of negativity and defeat.

Pakistanis never cease to amaze the world with indulging in such large scale abuse and attacks against innocent people, who had otherwise nothing to do with the incident.

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