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Concentration Camps to Lal Chowk March: Congress leaders compete with each other on generating hysteria over Article 370

The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty loves power. They love power more than anything they have ever loved, maybe only their love for their children exceeds it

The year is 2019 and hyperboles in political discourse are in fashion. Since Article 370 was abolished in Jammu and Kashmir and the former state was bifurcated into two Union Territories, politicians of a secular hue have engaged in extremely disturbing sermons. It is a trend that ought to worry us all.

One of the prominent figures to have participated vigorously in problematic discourse is the leader of the Congress party in the Parliament, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. After insinuating that Jammu & Kashmir wasn’t India’s internal matter, he has now claimed that Kashmir has been transformed into a concentration camp.

Unfortunately, he isn’t the only leader from the Congress party who has been toeing the Jihadist line. Former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram, who is mired in numerous criminal investigations, has touted Shah Faesal to insinuate that the abolition of Article 370 was “the biggest betrayal” perpetrated against the Kashmiri Muslim community by the Indian government.

Digvijay Singh went one step further. He claimed that he wants his party to march to Lal Chowk in Srinagar. He said, “What would have Mahatma Gandhi done … in a situation that this bill had come and passed? I think he would have taken a march from Lal Qila to Lal Chowk to show the solidarity with the Kashmiris,” before adding it’s what he wants his party to do.

To be fair to Digvijay, it does sound like something Gandhi would have done. But taking pointers from an individual who could not prevent the partition of the country despite his pathological pacifism does not appear to be a very sensible course of action.

The tone and tenor of the statements made by senior leaders of the Congress party only reflect the stance taken by their Supreme Leader. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has made a series of insensitive and callous comments which could only jeopardize the effort being made by the government which is of great historical significance.

Of course, most of what the Congress party is saying isn’t true. There are no concentration camps in Kashmir, no one has locked Kashmiris up in gas chambers trying to force poison gas on them. No one has locked lakhs of them in prisons in a bid to exterminate them.

I can feel my IQ dropping by 20 points by merely having to say that. It was not an unconstitutional measure. A temporary provision in the Constitution was struck off by perfectly constitutional means. And to prevent any law and order issue fueled by Pakistan sponsored separatist elements, the government of India took certain precautionary measures ahead of announcing the decision in Parliament, like suspending mobile and internet communications, imposing section 144, and keeping some potential troublemakers in preventing house arrest.

Such measures are regularly taken by state governments whenever there is an apprehension of law and order issue due to various reasons. They no doubt create temporary hurdles for ordinary citizens, but to compare them with concentration camp crosses all limits of logic.  J&K hasn’t been torn apart, the state has already started returning to normalcy, and people in Ladakh are happy as they got their long-standing demand of union territory fulfilled.

Even members of the Congress party know it in their hearts that their words are as far from the truth as they could be. That is why there is a vertical split developing within the party. Many people have refused to toe the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty line, and understandably so.

There is a good reason why the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and its motley crew of clowns are opposing the move with tooth and nail. They are perfectly aware that if the NDA government succeeds in its endeavor, it will be extremely difficult for the Congress party to ever return to power. They want the government to fail so that they can then turn around and say, “I told you so.”

The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty loves power. They love power more than anything they have ever loved, maybe only their love for their children exceeds it. It is perhaps their only redeeming quality. It does appear that due to their love for power and their children, they are willing to sacrifice the interests of the entire country. Such hyperbole helps no one apart from Pakistan and those entities inimical to Indian interests.

To paraphrase the words of a certain US politician: The Nehru-Gandhi dynasty is desperate for power, I pray to the Gods they never get it. The Congress party, in their desire to see the ruin of Narendra Modi and the BJP, are willing to destroy our country. They are willing to set the whole country on fire so that they could rule over the ashes.

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