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Mughals established ‘Akhand Bharat’: Unintentional comedy erupts as Islamists trend #ThanksMughals

Unfortunately, the problem today lies in not what happened in the past but people not willing to acknowledge the historical wrong and crimes.

Scratch a ‘liberal’ find a Mughal apologist. But then, there are few who not only normalise the barbaric violent history of Mughals but also glorify it. Days after the hashtag ‘MosquesofIndia’ trended by some Muslims on Twitter revealed how there are many more mosques in India which are built over demolished Hindu temples, the same set of Islamists took to Twitter to thank Mughals. Except, this time it led to some unintentional comedy as Mughals were even credited for things like creating the ‘Akhand Bharat’ which existed even before Islam was born.

Irena Akbar is a former journalist with Indian Express and has a complicated relation with facts. But she could try her hand at comedy.

She urged everyone to trend ‘ThanksMughals‘ with pictures of their legacy.

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Irena Akbar then wondered where would the PM address the nation on 15th August had it not been for the Red Fort.

Red Fort was ‘chosen’ as part of the Independence movement because it was one of the most prominent non-colonial structures in Delhi. The Hindu structures were either demolished and structures like Qutub Minar or Jama Masjid were built or the others were built by the British.

Perhaps it would do her good if she reads history. Of the time when Mughals fell and the holy symbol of Khalsa Panth was unfurled at the Red Fort. Even before India became independent in 1947.

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Of course, she was also ‘proud’ to be ‘Babur ki aulad’ (descendant of Babur).

Babur’s commander Mir Baqi built the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya after demolishing the ancient Hindu temple at the Ram Janmabhoomi.

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Despite thousands of historical evidence that suggest otherwise, Akbar (Irena, not the Mughal Emperor who did not look like Hrithik Roshan) refuses to accept the forceful conversions that were rampant under the Mughal rule.

Islamist and fake news peddler Mohammad Asif Khan also joined in and said how ‘they’ had lost all the battles against Mughals.

‘They’ lost all battles against Mughals

In a now-deleted tweet, he spoke about how ‘they’ lost all battles against Mughals and now ‘they’ are writing ‘fake history’ to demonise Muslims. Presumably, when. he said ‘they’, he was referring to the Hindus. These are the very people who rather express pride in Mughals who raped, killed, converted and suppressed Hindus for centuries and demonise Hindus just like the Mughals did.

He alleged that Bollywood is also part of this ‘propaganda’. While there are many, many stories of valour and bravery, perhaps Khan could start with the first significant military victory against the Adilshahi forces by Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

You see, India’s culture was rich even before the country was invaded by foreigners. Mughals destroyed many cultural symbols and structures and built their own over them. They looted and plundered India’s wealth and took it back home. While Islamists seem to hold the Mughal history dear, and it is a part of India’s history, it does show their deep-seated hatred for Muslims when they would worship the very forces that oppressed Hindus and attempted to destroy their faith.

Unfortunately, the problem today lies in not what happened in the past but people not willing to acknowledge the historical wrong and crimes.

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