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Cultural Marxism: Liberals oppose the CAB because of Hinduphobia which dictates that Hindus must never be recognized as Victims

It cannot be denied that Indian 'liberals' do suffer from rabid Hinduphobia. They genuinely believe there's a fascist residing in the heart of every Hindu, looking to break free and oppress the Muslims.

The Liberal Meltdown over the Citizenship Amendment Bill has been one for the ages. They appear unable to cope with the simple fact that India owes a special responsibility towards the Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan in a manner that it doesn’t owe the Muslim majorities in these countries. Of course, it is something that the average Indian understands instinctively but ‘liberals’ don’t.

There’s a fundamental reason for this. In the ‘liberal’ world, Muslims are always the primary victims, regardless of where they are from. They are considered victims of Islamophobia, racism and a myriad of other evils even if they are living in the Islamic States. In the ‘liberal’ world, it is a solemn belief that the atrocities that are perpetrated against religious minorities in the Islamic States should never be acknowledged.

The Indian ‘liberal’ is no different. He constantly admonishes Indians who rightly believe that Pakistan is a plague upon the world. He tells us, contrary to all evidence, that the average Pakistani is just like us even as the average Pakistani constantly proves through his actions that it is not so. But there are a plethora of contradictions within the ‘liberal’ belief system. While India is urged to initiate dialogues with Pakistan, any attempts made by India to fulfill its traditional responsibilities is deemed as the country turning into a ‘Hindu Pakistan’.

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Even as Pakistan continues to function as an Islamic state which sponsors terrorism against India, ‘liberals’ chastize India for making efforts to provide citizenship to the religious minorities from the country. There’s a good reason for these contradictory beliefs and the blame for it can be put at the feet of the pervasive theological liberal doctrine of Cultural Marxism.

In the eyes of the Indian ‘liberal’, a Hindu can never be a victim. It sees the Hindu-Muslim relationship as primarily an oppressor-oppressed relationship where Hindus are always the oppressors and Muslims always the oppressed. Consequently, no attempt is made to highlight the instances where Hindus are the victims of Islamic radicalism and even when such cases are highlighted, special care is taken to ensure that emphasis isn’t laid on the religious identity of the oppressors even if it had played a major role.

The same worldview is then projected into the relationship of other countries. Indian ‘liberals’ genuinely believe that recognizing the fact that non-Muslims suffer institutional persecution in the Islamic States will affect Hindu-Muslim relationships in India although there’s no obvious reason why it should. They are terrified that recognising such atrocities against Hindus will affect the manner in which India treats its Muslim citizenry. Due to its biased lens, it cannot even bring itself to recognize basic facts about the world.

Cultural Marxism divides the World in black and white even though the world, in reality, is mostly different varieties of grey. In that world, majority is always the Oppressor and the minority is always the Oppressed. One would assume that such a worldview would be applied uniformly throughout the world. However, it’s always imposed upon the world from the point of reference of one’s own residence.

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Thus, according to an Indian ‘liberal’, India must never recognize the fact that non-Muslims are persecuted in neighbouring Islamic States. Recognition of such is considered another excuse to justify the oppression of its Muslim minority. There is, of course, no evidence that the Indian State is perpetually in the process of oppressing its Muslim population. There’s no evidence that the Indian State has ever engaged in a motivated campaign to oppress its Muslim population. But that is how Cultural Marxism views the world: The majority is always engaged in the perpetual oppression of the minority.

It cannot be denied that Indian ‘liberals’ do suffer from rabid Hinduphobia. They genuinely believe there’s a fascist residing in the heart of every Hindu, looking to break free and oppress the Muslims. They also believe genuinely that every Muslim is a victim, even the radicalized ones are considered victims. It is argued that the Radicalized Muslims turned out the way they did because the Hindu dominated society did not treat them fairly.

Under such circumstances, it’s not really a surprise that Indian ‘liberals’, who wholeheartedly believe in the theological doctrine of Cultural Marxism, are opposing the Citizenship Amendment Bill tooth and nail. Hindus must never be recognized as victims, according to them, because it’s too dangerous. They earnestly believe that the only reason to recognize the oppression of non-Muslims in the Islamic States is to justify India’s alleged oppression of its own Muslims.

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