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‘Hum Dekhenge’: Poems that speak of destruction of Murthis are unacceptable in India, and it does not matter who wrote it

Our intelligence might be inferior to their unimaginably high IQs but we are not suicidal enough to support Islamic extremism.

A Faculty at IIT-Kanpur has submitted a video to the director that shows anti-CAA protesters chanting “When All Idols Will Be Removed… Only Allah’s Name Will Remain” and alleged that the slogan is anti-India and communal, Swati Goel Sharma of Swarajya Mag reported. The event, in solidarity with the students of Jamia, was apparently held without permission.

The words are allegedly from a poem ‘Hum Dekhengey’ by Faiz Ahmed Faiz and was sung in protest against the military dictators in Pakistan. As per Barkha Dutt, it was sung by Iqbal Bano to defy Zia as well. This apparent ‘context’ exonerates the protesters at IIT-Kanpur of all bigotry, we are told, and somehow, we are supposed to ignore the imagery of deeply ingrained Islamic supremacy in the words and also the assertion that Murthis will be destroyed.

First things first, India is not Pakistan. Words that may be considered appropriate in Pakistan will not be tolerated in India. Also, it elaborates the extent to which bigotry is engrained in Pakistani society that assertions of Murthis being destroyed are hailed as revolutionary and force of good despite the fact that Murthi-Puja is integral to Hinduism. It’s quite evident that even Pakistani intellectuals hate idol-worshipping Hinduism just as much as the ordinary Pakistani. Therefore, Faiz’s musings about the destruction of Idols may find a place in the Islamic State of Pakistan but it has absolutely no place in India.

Secondly, according to Barkha Dutt, it is ‘cultural illiteracy’ to oppose such problematic slogans. However, a question needs to be asked here, why should Indian Muslim protesters chant Pakistani slogans against the Indian government, especially one that speaks of the destruction of idols? Furthermore, the poem by Faiz, when sung against dictators, clearly indicates that the dictators are being opposed because they are not Islamic enough. That inference can be drawn from the line that says only Allah’s name will remain. Is that the grouse of the Indian protesters as well? That the country is not Islamic enough? Unfortunately for them, it’s one they will have to live with.

Thirdly, the context matters. During these anti-CAA protests, we have heard slogans such as ‘Hinduon Se Azadi‘ and ‘Kaafiron Se Azadi‘. Furthermore, the protests in IIT-Kanpur was organized in support of the students of Jamia Millia Islamia University. As we have reported extensively, the face of the Jamia protest is a rabid Islamic extremist who gave calls for Jihad. Thus, when a protest in support of these students are organized at IIT-Kanpur and slogans are raised that speak of destroying Murthis, how else are we supposed to interpret it if not further confirmation of Islamic extremism?

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Faiz being a poet is not a reason good enough to ignore the blatant Islamic supremacy in his words. And if these slogans are chanted in India, where the overwhelming majority of the population worships Murthis, there’s only one way to interpret it. Also, the protest was against Hindutva, too, one would assume. Therefore, if one speaks of destroying Murthis while opposing Hindutva, how else are we supposed to interpret it if not deeply ingrained Islamic Bigotry?

The Indian ‘intellectual’ community has made it clear that they are perfectly willing to support Islamic bigotry in their bid to oppose Hindutva. It became evident that they are willing to ally with Jihadists and provide cover for their intolerance when great efforts were made to deflect attention from the massive wave of violence unleashed by Muslim mobs across the country. Their hate for Hindutva makes them perfect allies for Islamic extremists. It’s no wonder, then, that liberals are whitewashing the blatant bigotry against Hinduism in the IIT-Kanpur protests.

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The case of Vande Mataram deserves a special mention here. Vande Mataram is bitterly opposed even now by Muslims because it is ‘idolatrous’. Hindus are supposed to tolerate even words that speak of the destruction of idols, ‘liberal’ intellectuals tell us, and yet, they have no words to offer for the Muslim community which opposed Vande Mataram bitterly in the past and opposes it even now.

The ‘liberal’ camp has been behaving as the propaganda wing of Islamic extremists. But one thing is certain, it doesn’t matter who wrote it or who sang the words in what context, words that speak of the destruction of Murthis will not acceptable in a country of idol-worshippers. ‘Liberals’ may cry as much as they want but it must be treated as hate speech in India. Our intelligence might be inferior to their unimaginably high IQs but we are not suicidal enough to support Islamic extremism.

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