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Columnist with Scroll, Hindu, TNM uses an old incident to justify Shaheen Bagh child death, says “he died for a cause”

Not only the parents of the dead infant show no regret, the Islamists and many from the 'liberal-secular' brigade are out to justify it and defend it, claiming that the death was 'for a cause'.

In one of the most heart-wrenching of recent times, four-month-old infant Mohammed Jahan lost his life after suffering from severe cold and congestion during anti-CAA protests in Shaheen Bagh.

However, Nazia, the mother of the four-month-old infant Mohammad Jahan, is unapologetic about her son’s death but instead has chosen to ignore his death and rejoin the ‘protests’ at the Shaheen Bagh.

The mother, who had brought her child to the protest site exposed her son to severe cold eventually leading to his death has no regret whatsoever. She has instead blamed the Modi government for her son’s death and has vowed to continue to the protest and said she is ready to sacrifice her other two children as well.

Read: “He also had to fight for our rights. He also wanted Azaadi. Ready to sacrifice other two children”: Dead infant’s mother defends bringing child to protests

Following the incident, there was shock and anger against the parents of the kid for allowing her one of their children to die. Netizens and citizens asked how could a mother enable her children to lose life for a petty political cause. What shocked the most is the casual reaction of the mother regarding her son’s death.

People called for legal action against the mother for negligence which led to her child’s death.

People even blamed the parents for using the child as a prop.

As the outrage against the mother and the organisers of the Shaheen Bagh protestor grew louder for allowing such a barbaric thing to occur, the Islamists and left-wing elements began to attack the netizens for seeking accountability for the death of the 4-month-old infant.

Salma Nazma, who claims to be an ‘unapologetic Muslim’ and also a journalist working with left-wing news organisations, descended on social media to defend the mother who allowed her infant son to suffer from severe cold and eventually to his death. Shockingly, the columnist claimed that the infant had ‘died for a cause’ at Shaheen Bagh.

In an attempt the defend the Shaheen Bagh protestors and the mother of kid for allowing the incident to happen, the columnist not only indulged in casteist attack on netizens but also justified the death by citing a 2011 incident that had occurred in Assam.

Nazma cited a report that had allegedly occurred nine years ago in Assam to defend the killing of the four-month-old infant at Shaheen Bagh incident at an anti-CAA protest. Citing an incident of death of an infant in a detention centre in Assam, Nazma questioned why were people were silent then and are only outraging now after knowing that kid had ‘died for a cause’ at Shaheen Bagh protest.

However, in reality, the incident which Nazma quoted, had occurred in 2011. Congress was in power in Centre as well as in Assam at that time. The horrific part of Nazma’s argument is that the child had died had for an important and citizens of the country have no right to question the death. The link Nazma shared talks about an incident from 2011

The most shocking part is that Islamists like Nazma believe that they are part of a crusade of sort against the Modi government. They are willing to even overlook the most heinous crimes perpetrated on common man to further their goals.

The extent of fear-mongering and brainwashing of Muslims in the country by the ultra-left wing establishment and Islamists backed by the ‘liberal-secular’ media is deeply disturbing. In a bid to discredit the Modi government, the anti-India establishment and the media are attempting every dirty trick in its playbook, which has now resulted in the death of the children.

After being called out for her bigotry, Aman then continued to defend her justifying death of an infant.

The anti-CAA protests, especially at Shaheen Bagh, which began as a peaceful protest has now crossed all the boundaries as it has not only turned violent but has now become another typical left-wing event where anti-India and Hinduphobic slogans are being openly chanted. The anti-CAA protests have also become a platform for secessionist agenda as protestors were caught openly batting for cutting North-east from rest of the country.

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