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When Ganesha and Nandi had a one-on-one on Twitter: A fight no one wants to stop

Today, let’s talk about two accounts on Twitter that go by the name “Gannuuprem” and “Gauprem.” What they started last week have made the entire Twitterverse fall in love with them over and over again.

Social media nowadays is full of unnecessary arguments. What used to be a way to get away from the day-to-day stressful life has become the source of stress for many. However, few people can still bring a mile-long smile on anyone’s face no matter how many times a day you check their profile. Today, let’s talk about two accounts on Twitter that go by the name “Gannuuprem” and “Gauprem.” What they started last week have made the entire Twitterverse fall in love with them over and over again.

As the names suggest, these handles share photos and videos of elephants and cows. Their wholesome content has made them extremely popular for all the right reasons. Last week, both the account were engaging in a tiff which was wildly entertaining. Before jumping into the discussion I had with them, I don’t think you should miss this fun! Let me tell you all that happened.

It all started when Gauprem posted a calf photo calling it the prettiest boy in the town. Gannuuprem, who made fun of it, calling it “Tingu Pingu Pongu,” did NOT go well and then came the discussion that is still going on and off!

Gauprem, while called him murkha, buddhihin, gannachor and what not, he never called him fat. Gau did not ‘like’ the way Gannu joked about his height. Then he posted a video explaining why Gannu is ‘buddhihin’ (stupid) followed by a series of photos and videos in which elephants were just being lazy or acting stupid. Gau also posted a video showing how intelligent his species are!

Gannu, who started the fight unintentionally, pulled up his sleeves and began replying when realized the tiff had backfired. Justifying sliding on a slope instead of walking, he said it is fun. To be honest, it is fun! The fight was not limited to Ganesha and Nandi only. They also roped in, wait for it, Narendra Modi in the argument. Gau shared a photo on a young calf being loved by PM Modi and boy it rattled Gannu! He shared a photograph of PM Modi, where he offered food to an elephant saying, “Nandi bola Modi kaka loves him only, now say something.”

What Gannu did not see coming was a series of photographs of Yogi Adityanath, CM Uttar Pradesh, with cows, a lot of cows. CM Yogi is famous for his love for cows, so it was apparent that there would have been numerous photos available of him spending time with the animals.

Gannu might have tried to find a photograph of Yogi with an elephant, but he failed. Gau wins the round!! Though some netizens enjoying the fight did share a photo of HM Amit Shah with an elephant, the round was already over, Gannu accepted the defeat while ranting Gau is a cheater. What Gau did next was even better. He RTed Gannu’s photograph with PM Modi and said, “Bol to raha hi hun, Maine pyaar jeeta hai aur gannu ne tarbooj. Kaddu gets tarbooj.”

Endless love from the netizens

Have you seen two kids harmlessly fighting with each other? It is the same and Twitteratis loves it. Their tweets were liked by many and love kept pouring in for both the handles. I got in touch with both the handles to know a little more about the new celebrities we have on social media. I am not going to share their personal details as it will kill the mystery behind these handles, but I did ask them about the aim of their handles and how it all started.

Three moderators operate these accounts. Yes, they are friends and know each other but not on a very personal level. The main connection between them is these two IDs. Gauprem started tweeting in 2016. Her inspirations for the tweet came from @/OGSaffron on Twitter. The main aim revolved around exposing the hypocrisy that revolved around “animal love” business but with a twist. Instead of posting aimlessly about the hypocrisy, Gauprem decided to take a positive approach and shared countless tweets and RTed many from other twitter users that showed love for the mother cow.

Gaumata IS cool!

Gauprem feels that calling cow Gaumata should be seen as something orthodox. It is as cool as calling a dog, your brother, or your sister. Gauprem’s tweets were not limited to cute photographs and videos. She shared information about gaushalas and gau rakshaks who provide free food, shelter and medical care to the animals. The way they caption the posts makes it possible for the non-metro and city dwellers to connect to their roots.

They created a few other handles which were suspended by Twitter for reasons that we did not discuss. Two main moderators manage both the handles and the third moderator, who unintentionally started it, is there to help whenever needed. It all started with “what would be the calves talking about” and still going on and off. There are character names, Nandi, Bhima, Gannu, Matanga, Uma, and Nandini that they often use to narrate the stories also got involved in the banter. People started loving the banter, and thus it continued.

Expect more, look out for more! It is not going to stop soon!

The fight is not going to end very soon as siblings fight with each other all the time. It may stop when all these characters grow up, but that is not going to happen anytime soon. In one of the moderator’s words, “Yeh to parampara hai.” For them, it is just siblings fighting and arguing over nothing. There should not be a fight to begin with, but it is the universal rule that the siblings have to irritate each other. No one is going to change this rule, as it is, without a doubt, one of the most adorable things you can find on the internet, especially when there is hate everywhere.

The symbiotic relationship

“Animals and humans live in a symbiotic relationship. They benefit from each other’s company, if not directly, then through their contribution to the environment. We should be kind towards every animal. If you can’t keep a cow or anything, donate to the gaushala and feed animals in your locality. Help each other. Punya karma.” It is all about helping the animals and spread more love. It is high time we humanize the animals. They have emotions, feelings, and they too have friends, family and form society. They are social, just like humans.

I hope you read the fine print behind these banters and shower more love on Ganesha and Nandi. Till then, let the fight continue.

You can follow Gauprem and Gannuuprem to have the daily dose of pure love and some banter of course!!

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