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Did CNN apply racist criteria to decide which countries are ‘world leaders’ following the Capitol Hill violence?

All the countries mentioned by CNN also just happened to be overwhelmingly Christian (with the exception of Israel). So which was it, CNN? Which criteria did you folks settle on: race or religion? So woke…

Let me ask you this. The leaders of which countries would you consider to be “world leaders”? Immediately, America and China come to mind. Considering its military power, Russia has to be in the list somewhere. Also India, Japan and a sprinkling of the major European powers, like Germany, France or the UK. Maybe even Canada or Australia.

Sounds reasonable? Not if you ask the people at CNN.

Following yesterday’s violence at the US Capitol building, CNN did a run down of world leaders who had condemned the incident and called for a peaceful transition of power.

CNN article listing 'world leaders' who condemned Capitol Hill violence
CNN article listing ‘world leaders’ who condemned Capitol Hill violence

CNN made a fairly comprehensive list, compiling reactions from the UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia and Israel.

Guess who they left out? India!

Who else was in CNN’s list? The minor European powers, such as Austria, Netherlands, Norway and Poland. Even tiny New Zealand. Even Iceland! And, would you believe it, even Scotland. Someone tell CNN that Scotland is not even an independent country!

Now, with due respect to all those countries, it’s hard to see how the leader of the Netherlands or Iceland could be considered a world leader if the Prime Minister of India is not. I don’t think the good people of Iceland would disagree.

It’s impossible not to notice this. It looks like CNN drew a line yesterday. They acknowledged only the reactions from white majority democracies. They seemed too hurt to acknowledge that non-white democracies could express sympathy for the United States. And that’s hardcore racism, 1950s style.

This is the true face of global wokeness. They talk a great game. But on the inside, they still have a 1950s style racist view of the world.

Okay, so what are the chances that this was just a mistake? First of all, forgetting India while listing world leaders? Seriously? Second, the CNN types are obsessed with issues of race, class and gender. These are people who wake up in the middle of the night, sweating all over, worried that they might have used the wrong pronoun for somebody. How could they not notice that they left out India?

And not just India, mind you. All other democracies, which have non-white majorities, have been left out. Coincidence? CNN also had Ecuador and Colombia on their list. Both are over 80% white (or descendants of Spanish whites mixed with native populations).

Not just white, but Christian. All the countries mentioned by CNN also just happened to be overwhelmingly Christian (with the exception of Israel). So which was it, CNN? Which criteria did you folks settle on: race or religion? So woke…

Let me try to see if there are any other excuses for CNN here. Perhaps India was not included because the liberals at CNN just don’t like PM Modi? First, of all, grown ups should be able to distinguish between their views about India and their views about PM Modi. But, we are talking about woke liberals here; so that ship sailed a long time ago. And it wouldn’t explain anything anyway. The liberals at CNN despise the right wing governments of UK, Israel and Poland, but they didn’t think twice about including them.

So it really is about race. Or religion. You pick.

Maybe it was just ego? India may be a big power, but we are still a very poor country. Perhaps it just hurt the ego of CNN to acknowledge that a country so poor as India would be teaching lessons to America?

Okay, so the liberal elite values people based either on race, religion or money. So woke…

But then, what about Japan? They’re rich and they are a democracy. Japan also condemned the violence at the US Capitol. But CNN didn’t mention Japan anywhere. So it is about race. No doubt left now.

When this kind of question is raised, there is one distressing reaction that comes from Indians themselves. Why should we care about them “validating” us? So what if CNN didn’t mention India? Who cares?

This reaction is understandable, but it really belongs to the past. This is not the 1990s that we were insecure and would look hopefully at every Western institution begging to be taken seriously. Today, we already know what we are worth. Pointing out someone’s racism is not asking for validation. It is telling them, calmly and firmly, that they are 50 years behind the curve. At best, it is like telling someone that their fly is open. They better zip up before anyone else notices.

America has already embarrassed itself enough with a banana republic like show and the violence on Capitol Hill. The last thing Americans need is CNN embarrassing them further with 1950s style racism.

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Abhishek Banerjee
Abhishek Banerjee is a math lover who may or may not be an Associate Professor at IISc Bangalore. He is the author of Operation Johar - A Love Story, a novel on the pain of left wing terror in Jharkhand, available on Amazon here.  

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