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Meet serial fake news peddler Caralisa Monteiro: Fake news, propaganda, a soft spot for AAP and way too much victimhood

For India to stand strong on her feet, it must identify the ones threatening its existence from inside. But for the AAP activist and singer Caralisa Monteiro, her propaganda goes unabated on social media each day.

On Saturday, a tweet allegedly posted by singer Caralisa Monteiro went viral on social media. The tweet read, “Every time a Hindu is killed, I get orgasmic pleasure. Modi might dream Congress Mukht Bharat, but we will get Hindu Mukt India soon. Amen.”

The purported tweet, calling for a genocide against the Hindu community, sparked an online outrage with many calling for a ban on her account. The singer put out a statement saying, “Tell your dad Whatsapp University band kar lo. And a case has been filed against this fake tweet.”

Screengrab of her clarification

After a screenshot of this tweet went viral, Caralisa has been busy playing the victim on Twitter, essentially, blaming “Bhakts” for all and sundry, which is the usual modus operandi for fake news peddlers like her.

Caralisa Monteiro, however, is no holy cow. Caralisa, who ironically rose to fame for her song ‘Nashey si Chad gayi Hoye’, has recently been under the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Known for her social media “activism”, the singer with 36K Twitter followers is often seen peddling political propaganda and disseminating fake news online.

Screengrab of her Twitter profile

Political affiliation of Caralisa Monteiro

The singer, based out of Mumbai, has been a vocal supporter of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). In the run-up to the State Legislative polls in Goa in 2017, Caralisa Monteiro had composed a song for the election campaign of the party. In a tweet posted by the official handle of AAP, the party has explicitly stated its association with the singer.

Screengrab of the 2017 tweet by AAP

“I believe we need to elect educated people who are locals, approachable and feel the pulse of Goa. I believe we need to be involved in the process of electing our leaders. We need to question them for the promises they have made and that is the true essence of democracy. AAP allows such a structure and hence Goa needs AAP,” she was seen campaigning for the party in a video posted by Aam Aadmi Party’s Twitter handle on December 20, 2016.

‘Indian Map of a vagina’ : The activism of Caralisa Monteiro

The vocal AAP supporter was recently seen distorting the Indian map, in a bid to support the anti-farm law agitation. She along with the likes of Khalistan supporter Kaur B deliberately denigrated the Indian map, despite being well-aware that propagating a distorted map of India with the wrong topographic information, national territories or international boundaries is an offence.

Screengrab of her tweet

However, this is not the first time that the singer had done such a thing. In a despicable tweet on April 20, 2018, she had affixed the Indian map on a women’s vagina and claimed, “We are bleeding as a nation.” Stretching her social media activism to an unprecedented level, she further stated, “This culture bleeds in its rape culture as if anyone cares.”

Screengrab of the tweet by Caralisa Monteiro

AAP activist and singer actively peddle fake news

Singer Caralisa Monteiro has been called out several times, on the micro-blogging site, for spreading misinformation. She has been critical of the Modi government, as part of her affiliation with the AAP. While constructive criticism is healthy for democracy, her tweets are often laden with lies and fake news.

In a tweet, PTI said, “Deal for procurement of 126 Rafale jets under UPA fell through as HAL did not have required capability to produce them: Nirmala Sitharaman @DefenceMinIndia.” However, a parody account of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) claimed, “Those who are saying HAL is not capable of producing Rafale jets should know what we at Hal have produced.”

The tweet gave an opportunity to the likes of Caralisa Monteiro to take potshots at the Union government. Without realising that the account is not the official handle of HAL, she tweeted, “Nirmala Sitharaman, what do you have to say about this? Or has HAL India become anti-national?”

Screengrab of the tweet by Caralisa Monteiro

Nevertheless, the habit of spreading misinformation, without any fear of consequences, did not go away. In August last year, she uploaded a picture of PM Narendra Modi and claimed, “The talent to read two books, a newspaper and the laptop simulatenously while posing for the perfect photograph. And that poise during a pandemic. Impressed.”

However, a Times Fact Check found that the picture was 7 years old. Narendra Modi was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and was clicked on the lawns of his house in Gandhinagar. The picture had nothing to do with the Coronavirus pandemic but for Monteiro, facts aren’t required as long as the propaganda does the job.

Ahead of Donald Trump’s visit to India in February last year, she was seen peddling fake news again about the Gujarat government erecting a wall to hide the slums. “12 years CM of Gujarat. 6 years PM of India. Still needs a wall to hide the Gujarat Model?”, the singer alleged. However, officials had contested the claim saying that the wall was planned prior to Trump’s announcement of his visit to India.

Ahmedabad Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra informed that the decision was taken to prevent road encroachment and was taken two months prior to the controversy. He emphasised, “It is not correct to link building of the wall to the VIP (Donal Trump) visit. After my visit to the area, we had decided in consultation with slum dwellers build a wall to prevent encroachment and secondly to save trees which were getting damaged.”

Recently, Caralisa Monteiro targeted Opindia by deliberately attributing a morphed screenshot to our news portal. The screenshot alleged, “The real face of Great Thunberg. Her real name is Ghazala Bhat. She is daughter of Kashmiri Businessmen Hilal Bhat who married to Swedish mother Anna Bjorkund converted to Islam became Aafia. Her parents got killed into car accident. She became orphan later adopted by Svante Thunberg.”

While attributing the fake news, marred with grammatical and punctuation errors, to Opindia, she tweeted, “Op India always finds a new low to steep to.” Even after being called out for falsely targetting our news portal, the serial fake news peddler did not delete her tweet.

Screengrab of the morphed Opindia article

Interestingly, Caralisa is playing victim over an alleged fake tweet attributed to her, when she has shamelessly refused to delete this tweet where she attributed a fake picture to OpIndia. This fake news by Caralisa has now been shared by several Khalistanis and Pakistanis.

Actively creating unrest in India and playing victim card

One of the key attributes of the left-liberal ecosystem in India is their innate ability to use social media platforms to gather unruly mobs on the street. When the mob engages in violence and vandalism, the cabal provides intellectual coverfire and plays the perpetual victim card. On December 18, Caralisa Monteiro was seen urging her followers to hit the streets at Kranti Maidan against the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Tweet by Caralisa Monteiro

Several such calls for mass gathering were given by Twitter influencers. When the crowd turned violent, the same group refused to take any responsibility for their actions and instead resorted to defend the mob when police cracked down on them. After the anti-CAA protests in Delhi culminated into the infamous Anti-Hindu riots, the likes of AAP activist were seen shedding crocodile tears about the casualties.

Tweet by Caralisa Monteiro

In a tweet on February 26 last year, she wrote, “27 Indians have been killed. By Indians. We don’t need a Pakistan to destroy us.” She was partly right when she said that India does not need Pakistanis to destroy it. However, she forgot to mention that it is people such as her who fan religious violence by portraying one community as the perpetual victim and the other as the aggressor.

For India to stand strong on her feet, it must identify the ones threatening its existence from inside. But for the AAP activist and singer Caralisa Monteiro, her propaganda goes unabated on social media each day.

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