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Israel: Here is why the average Hindu supports them

Why shouldn’t we support them. Just because few Hindus supported (Though history says something else) Mughals in facilitating the Hindu genocide (Which the same Muslims will deny), we don’t lose the right to oppose and stand against the Islamic Jihad.

I saw a rant against the overwhelming support by Hindus for Israel in their fight against the global Jihadi machinery manifested as Palestinian Hamas by a ‘woke’ on Facebook and as usual other ‘wokepanzees’ and closet Jihadis were rather excited seeing another article declaring Hindus as a person worth getting killed on the comment section. I mean what else you want to achieve by declaring the average Hindu as bad as a Nazi.

Usually, I don’t form or express any opinion on violence in other countries unless it directly or indirectly impacts India or Indians. I remember one of the guys at my first job who was a good friend, used to post and comment on anti-Israel posts and articles. I was not exactly aware why an Indian Muslim would hate Israel when that country had stood for India through thick and thin, despite the overwhelming Indian policy of naming and shaming them in international forums under the pressure of Muslims of our country.

It took me few more years to connect the dots. Indian Muslims’ empathy, sympathy is only for Ummah. They cloak their support under the garb of standing for the weak.

They won’t stand against China who is literally squeezing Mohammandanism out of Uighurs and all pole bearers of Islam simply look away. Indian Muslims won’t stand for Shias getting slaughtered in the hand of Sunnis in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Their leaders are even demanding to remove the Muslim status from Ahmadiyyas in India and the irony is that the same Ahmadiyyas had asked for Jihad against Hindu Majority India and are now getting slaughtered in Pakistan and their top leadership is staying/ hiding in the UK which is Dar-ul-Harb against their home/ birthplace called Riyasat-e-Medina Pakistan.

So standing for the weak is simply a cloak to hide their vicious agenda for spreading Islam and killing/converting everyone who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology. I mean what else could explain the systematic elimination of Hindus and Sikhs from neighbouring countries ranging from Afghanistan to Bangladesh. All Indian Muslims cheered the Bangladesh genocide which was a Hindu genocide and then used that tragedy to infiltrate Bangladeshi Muslims in all border states of India where they rule the roost and there had been a massive demographic change.

Now comes the Nazi barb against Hindus, this is even more ironic. Do you know the whole Muslim world, including the Grand Mufti of Palestine had felicitated Hitler and praised him for killing Jews? So much grandstanding for standing for the weak. So the Muslim world was and is Nazi in ideology and support and they send these barbs against Hindus for whom they carry the same hatred as most of them carry for Jews.

Now comes the reasons for support for Israel by an average Hindu of India. I say, why shouldn’t we support them. Just because few Hindus supported (Though history says something else) Mughals in facilitating the Hindu genocide (Which the same Muslims will deny), we don’t lose the right to oppose and stand against the Islamic Jihad.

Israel has no history of animosity against Bharat and her citizens. Israel has stood during India in thick and thin. Israel supports and allows a multi-faith rich democracy like the Hindus of India. What is there to hate? And they have the guts to reject the ideology of 30% of its citizenry who want to support Ummah at the cost of the existence of their nation. Do we not realise how important that is? Given that India is bearing the brunt of Islamism and paying the price for being soft against Jihad by Pakistani and their Indian proxies out of fear of angering the intolerant minority, who don’t think a bit before burning the whole city for an incident in far off places having no Indian role or support.

Rohingyas were responsible for genocide against Hindus living in their areas of influence in Rakhine but no Indian Muslim would stand for them. So much for their empathy that no Islamic country wants to take their coreligionist brother Rohingyas but Indian Muslims and communist cabal wants them to be given refuge and citizenship of India but will riot against CAA because their heart bleeds only for Ummah.

So next time anyone wants to label you or me a Nazi, shown them history. Show them that they haven’t left any ‘weak’ one alive in their areas of influence. Show them their Ummah is globally worst in all aspects of Human rights against infidels. Those who are left (Like Israeli Jews or Indian Hindus ) are the real Davids and we Hindus are cheering for them as we see them as a hope against global Ummah which in any case has more than 50 countries to call home.

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