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Does Congress want to assassinate PM Modi? Party workers celebrate after major security lapse, declare protests were planned

The PM's convoy had started for Hussainiwala only after confirmations from the Punjab Police. Despite this, the convoy was blocked. A group of political protesters were allowed to block the PM's vehicle and stop it for over 20 minutes. The Punjab police neither provided additional security nor an alternate route.

Earlier today, in a major security lapse by the Punjab government, PM Modi’s convoy was deliberately endangered by the Punjab Police. The PM was on his way to the National Martyr’s Memorial in Hussainiwala when the PM’s vehicle was stopped by a group of political protestors.

The Home Ministry has stated that the details of the PM’s travel and route were shared with the Punjab government and the convoy had started only after due confirmations by the Punjab Police. In a major security lapse, a group of protestors were allowed to block the PM’s convoy for over 20 minutes, causing a dangerous lapse in the security of the nation’s PM.

Soon after the major security lapse, Congress leaders and workers have started celebrating, hailing how the ‘protesting farmers’ successfully forced the PM to go back. Congress’ social media head Gaurav Pandhi has almost admitted that the blocking of the PM’s convoy was a deliberate act and the state government headed by the Congress party was aware of the protests.

Tweet by Gaurav Pandhi

Gaurav Pandhi then shared a series of tweets, stating that PM Modi is ‘not welcome in Punjab’ because the protesting farmers had to sit outside Delhi for months.

In images shared in media, it can be seen that dozens of vehicles are blocking the path of the PM’s convoy, while a meagre police team stands.

Tweet by Pandhi

Pandhi’s tweets make it amply clear that the Congress leadership (and government in Punjab) was aware of the protests organised, and the roadblocks. Despite this, the PM’s convoy was made to pass through a route that was blocked by protesters, and as per the Home Ministry statement, despite giving confirmation to the PM’s security staff, the state police did not deploy measures to clear the road and did not provide them with an alternate route.

Punjab CM gives lame excuses, Amarinder Singh says CM and Randhwa both lying

Following the major security lapse, Punjab’s CM Channi has come up with a strange excuse. Speaking to News18, Channi has stated that the security lapse was ‘natural’. “Ye Kudrati Hua”, the Punjab CM has said.

As per reports, CM Channi did not even respond to phone calls after the major security lapse was reported. Ex-CM Amarinder Singh has lashed out at the Channi government, saying that the place is barely 20 km away from the Pakistan border. He has stated that both Channi and Home Minister Randhwa are lying.

He added that the PM of the country is entitled to visit anywhere in the country and it is the state government’s fault that such a lapse happened. He stated he had been a CM for over 9 years, and he is well aware that when a PM visits, the state government is aware of the minute-by-minute schedule to ensure security.

Amarinder Singh asserted that the CM was to accompany the PM in the event in Hussainiwala and later to a hospital inauguration too. Only the public rally, which was a BJP event, was not for the CM, but the fact that the CM stayed away from the events and later Congress claimed ignorance, is enough to say that the security lapse was deliberate. He asserted again that both the CM and the state Home minister are lying.

Congress spokesperson ready with a dozen excuses

While the state government is shunning responsibility from the major security lapse and CM is giving lame excuses, the Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala is ready with a dozen excuses to justify the incident. He has claimed that the Union Home Ministry is lying and the state government was not aware of the PM’s road route.

Surjewala and many congress workers are sharing images of the empty chairs at the scheduled rally, which did not happen, and claiming that the PM cancelled his rally because he knew that people have not turned up in large numbers.

This claim is strange. Images and videos of the PM’s convoy being blocked and the major security lapse on the flyover is all over the media and social media. On one hand, Congress is saying that they knew protests were happening. The PM’s convoy was blocked, but they are also claiming that they were not aware of the road route.

Punjab home minister admits lapse

In a strange development, Deputy CM of Punjab Sukhjinder Randhawa has admitted before media that it was a security lapse. He has stated that there should have been an alternate route, but that was not done. He has stated that they were well aware of the PM’s route.

Congress leaders celebrating the endangerment of PM’s security

Not just Gaurav Pandhi and Surjewala, other Congress leaders are now openly celebrating the major endangerment of the Prime Minister’s security. Youth Congress leader Srinivas BV even used the same phrase that was used by Pakistanis to celebrate the Pulwama attack.

Tweet by Youth Congress chief Srinivas BV

‘Is this why Congress was against the Maybach vehicle?’ social media asks

Social media users have started to question Congress’ intentions and suspicious actions. Many users have asked if this was why Congress was so outraged against robust security measures taken for the PM’s safety and had questioned the recent inclusion of a Mercedes Maybach in the PM’s convoy.

‘Thank your CM from me, I survived’

The images and videos of the convoy block are flooding the internet. News channels are discussing how it was a close call and by allowing unchecked protestors so close to the PM’s convoy, the Punjab Police has endangered the safety of the nation’s Prime Minister.

ANI reported that PM Modi, after he returned to Bathinda airport, said to some officials, “Say thanks to your CM from me. I am alive and I have managed to reach Bathinda airport.”

Congress has been getting cosy with the same elements that had assassinated ex-PM Indira Gandhi

Congress has long been playing a dangerous game in Punjab. Their open support to the Khalistani elements fueling the farmer protests for over a year was already a matter of concern. By rampant appeasement of Khalistani elements and supporting voices that demand secession from India, Congress has been making it evident day by day that they will do anything to grab power and stay in power.

The party itself has a long history of its own leaders meeting mysterious ends. Congress echoing the statements of Islamist terrorists and Pakistan’s government are already known. Now, with the blatant and rather open appeasement of Khalistani secessionist elements in Punjab, Congress is perhaps sending a message that it will grab power by any means, even if it means another partition of India which, by the way, was also largely Congress’ doing.

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