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Opposition targets Mohan Bhagwat for his remark ‘Muslims must abandon the boisterous rhetoric of supremacy’: Here’s what the RSS chief said

From CPM's Brinda Karat to AIMIM chief Asauddin Owaisi to Congress MP Kapil Sibal, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat's remarks asking Muslims to abandon boisterous rhetorics of supremacy had the opposition leaders' knickers in a twist.

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks in his recent interview with Organiser and Panchjanya had knickers of some of the usual suspects in a twist as they fulminated against him for asking Muslims of India to abandon rhetorics of supremacy.

From CPM leader Brinda Karat to AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi, a raft of opposition leaders objected to Mohan Bhagwat’s remarks in his latest interview wherein he affirmed that Muslims have nothing to fear in India and advised them to jettison their boisterous rhetoric on supremacy.

CPM leader attacks RSS chief

Senior CPM leader Brinda Karat on Wednesday attacked Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat over his recent remark, saying his statement was “highly objectionable, anti-Constitution and provocative”.

“The RSS chief’s statement is against the Constitution. It is objectionable and provocative. The court should also take suo moto notice of his statement,” Karat said as reported by ANI.

The former Rajya Sabha MP further added, “It seems Bhagwat ji will prepare and decide the criteria (for living in India). Bhagwat ji and all his Hindutva brigade should read the Constitution, especially articles 14 and 15, among others. Every citizen has equal rights in our country irrespective of religion.”

“Should Mohan Bhagwat decide how we behave? Former RSS Chief Madhav Sadashivrao Golwalkar had said if Muslims want to live in India then they will have to remain subordinate. The present RSS chief wants to impose this understanding and thinking even today,” she alleged.

AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi targets Mohan Bhagwat for asking Muslims to abandon the boisterous rhetoric of supremacy

Similarly, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi too appeared to lose his mind over statements made by the RSS chief in his interview. The fact that Mr Bhagwat belled the cat and confronted the harsh truth without coating it in politically correct terminology seemed to have raised the hackles of the AIMIM chief, who went on a long tirade against the RSS supremo for asking Muslims to relinquish their maximalist beliefs. 

“Who is Mohan to give Muslims “permission” to live in India or follow our faith? We’re Indians because Allah willed it. How dare he put “conditions” on our citizenship? We’re not here to “adjust” our faith or please a bunch of alleged celibates in Nagpur. Mohan says there is no external threat to India. Sanghis have been whining about the bogey of “internal enemies” & “state of war” for decades…” Owaisi ranted.

“Why this “chori” for China & “seenazori” for fellow citizens? If we’re indeed at war, has Swayamsevak sarkar been sleeping for 8+ years? RSS’s ideology is a threat to India’s future. The sooner Indians recognise the real “internal enemies”, the better it will be. No decent society can tolerate such hatred and radicalism in the name of religion. Who elected Mohan as the representative for Hindus? Fighting elections in 2024? Welcome” Owaisi further bellowed. 

“There are enough Hindus who feel the boisterous rhetoric of supremacy of RSS, leave alone how every minority feels. You can’t say Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam for the world if you’re busy building divides in your own country. Why does PM hug all Muslim leaders of other countries but is never seen hugging a single Muslim in his own country? What are this awakening and war stuff if not rhetoric and hate speech?,” the AIMIM chief asked.

Congress MP Kapil Sibal also weighed in on his opinions on Bhagwat’s remarks, concurring with his ‘Hindustan should remain Hindustan’ statement, but adding “Insaan (human beings) should remain Insaan” to it. 

What RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said about Muslims and the belief in religious supremacy

While opposition leaders are ranting and raving over comments made by Mohan Bhagwat, it is worth dwelling on what the RSS chief said in his interview with Organiser and Panchjanya.

From challenges facing the Sangh to its intricate relationship with politics, the newfound assertiveness among Hindus, issues plaguing the young generation of the country, the socio-political transformation primarily driven by technology and modernisation, to the population policy and the population imbalance, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat spoke on a plethora of issues and provided insights about the Sangh’s views on them.

When asked what he thinks how to solve something as complex as the population policy and the population imbalance question, Mr Bhagwat said Hindus must bear in mind that the belongingness they feel for the country is because of their numerical superiority. Expanding on the population imbalance issue, he highlighted that it had been a global problem caused by the aggressive nature of people and civilisations.

“Only the Hindu society stands apart, showing no aggression whatsoever. In the interest of pacifism, non-violence, democracy, secularism etc., the preservation of those who are not aggressive is essential,” emphasising the salience of preserving the Hindu majority of the country in the face of aggressive civilisations striving for homogeneity.

“Hindu is our identity, our nationality, our civilisational trait—a trait that considers everyone as ours; that takes everyone along. We never say, mine is only true and yours is false. You are right at your place, I am right at mine; why fight, let us move together – this is Hindutva. As long as adherent of this value stays in the majority, Bharat remains united,” Bhagwat added.

Stressing why preserving the Hindu society is important, Bhagwat said, “This united Bharat, in turn, provides unity and strength to the entire world. It is not just about Bharat but concerns the welfare of humanity at large. Imagine for a moment the consequences if the Hindu society was to disappear. Other races will start a war for supremacy. This is inevitable. Then what is the guarantee (to save us from this volatile possibility), it is the presence of Hindus.”

“The simple truth is this—Hindusthan should remain Hindusthan. There is no harm to the Muslims living today in Bharat. If they wish to stick to their faith, they can. If they want to return to the faith of their ancestors, they may. It is entirely their choice. There is no such stubbornness among Hindus. Islam has nothing to fear. But at the same time, Muslims must abandon their boisterous rhetoric of supremacy,” Bhagwat said.

Warning how supremacy could foment chaos and inter-religious clashes, Bhagwat accentuated the need to abandon a narrative that promotes uniformity and demonises diversity. “We are of an exalted race; we once ruled over this land and shall rule it again; only our path is right, rest everyone is wrong; we are different, therefore we will continue to be so; we cannot live together—they must abandon this narrative. In fact, all those who live here—whether a Hindu or a communist—must give up this logic,” he said.

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