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Just when Opposition in India was bracing to attack Modi over Adani issue, George Soros, the regime change Voldemort, thought declaring himself was a good idea

Every Indian with an iota of reasoning will see that there is a foreign power trying to meddle in Indian politics, telling India that the leader they have elected is 'not correct' and they will have to elect another one get a 'good job, brown people' nod from the West, Modi has just gained a few million more votes.

The Opposition in India, combined with its retinue of Leftist media, political wannabes and general Andolanjeevis, who were just beginning to hope that they will score big this time around and will manage to ‘defeat Modi’ with the Adani-Hindenberg issue, have just been left confused, again.

George Soros, the face of the global regime change machinery, has thought it prudent to gloat over the idea out in the open. A video of Soros saying the Adani issue will harm Modi politically is now viral and we cannot stop laughing.

For nearly 2 weeks now, the Indian Opposition parties tried to harp on the Adani issue, baselessly declaring that just because Adani has got richer and richer, and has developed a large (and successful) business empire in the last few years, there must be something fishy and wrong and as usual, “Let’s attack Modi” was there knee jerk response.

Congress has been crying hoarse saying “Adani Bad, Modi Bad” for years now, without realising that the whole country sees that their state governments have eagerly welcomed the same Adani for business in their respective states and that the new generation of Indians does not buy the idea of vilification of job creators.

Let me summarise the Congress line of thinking. They are upset because Adani became rich, Modi won the elections, and Congress lost. For them, that means Adani becoming rich and Congress losing must be connected, and since it is Modi who is winning, and as per Congress Modi should never win, Adani and Modi must be helping each other to make Congress lose, which is very bad again. So to counter Modi, Adani should be besmirched too.

Sounds utterly moronic and non-sensical? Well, that is Congress’ politics for you. They are never going to believe that their own blunders are dragging them down. They are never going to question their own leadership, they are just going to assume that Rahul Gandhi deserves the PM’s post by default and that anyone else winning elections is ‘bad behaviour’ of the unwashed masses.

Other Opposition leaders, like the screeching, foul-mouthed, China-made version of AOC that we have to endure every parliament season, have been hoping that the Hindenburg report will harm Adani, and somehow it will dent Modi’s armour. If they haven’t learned by now, even after a dozen similar attempts, it only shows why it is Modi who wins, and not them.

In his enthusiasm, the BRS chief even blurted out that he has been lobbying for Pfizer, and it was Modi who stood between India and a very powerful global pharma giant that is now accused of manipulating data, twisting government policies and hiding results to sell its dubious vaccines.

The global Left-Liberal cabal nurtures a very wide range of mediocre charlatans who write long op-eds, running smear campaigns against elected governments and powerful nations, telling brown Indians that what they think of as democracy is not actual democracy, because it does not serve the White masters of the West. The same cabal has been harping on about the Hindenburg issue too, wondering why is it that the economy of India hasn’t collapsed yet.

We have seen similar desperate efforts earlier. The outrage over the Rafale deal, the Pegasus issue, the farmer protests, the foreign policy muscle flexing and many more. One would think that the Opposition leaders in India should have figured out by now that each time they highlight, “Look, even foreign powers are criticising Modi”, they hand over a few million more votes to Modi.

The same is going to happen in the Adani-Hindenburg issue. Now that the regime change Voldemort has indirectly declared that (he hopes) Modi will have to answer on the Adani issue in the parliament and that will somehow weaken his political prospects, every Indian with an iota of reasoning will see that there is a foreign power trying to meddle in Indian politics, telling India that the leader they have elected is ‘not correct’ and they will have to elect another one get a ‘good job, brown people’ nod from the West, Modi has just gained a few million more votes.

If there are some intelligent people left in the opposition camp, they will be seeing it clearly that Soros has just made the Indian Opposition look like a bunch of foreign-funded puppets. But sadly, considering the absolute state of the Indian Opposition parties, they are just busy being clueless, headless, perpetually whining outrage seekers who have made it very easy for the BJP to continue winning.

As some people have already pointed out on social media, maybe Soros could not help himself. He became so impatient over his incompetent minions not delivering results fast enough that he had to just come out and declare his intent. Or maybe he is believing the same unrealistic op-eds written by self-proclaimed experts that his NGO network has spawned, that Modi is ‘bad democracy’ and only a Soros-approved, NATO-stamped, rainbow flag-waving puppet will be the ideal leader for the Indian people.

Soros’ statements have just validated the theories that the attack on Adani may have been a part of a larger plan to attack India’s economic and strategic prospects.

Soros, and the general Western Left-liberal ‘intelligentsia’, along with their army of useful native idiots, have been trying to convince Indians that they should vote as told by foreign forces, not as per their own choices.

See, that is not how a democracy works. Indians have voted Modi to power, twice, with an overwhelming mandate and Indians are not going to take orders from the West, not anymore. It is the same India that looks the West in the face and says “No, we will not take your orders. We will buy Russian oil because it suits our interests”. It is the same India that does not bow down to Pfizer’s lobby. It is the same India that welcomes business and growth but says no to blind warmongering. The more Soros and his swarm of rainbow-tinted wokes try to tell Indians that they are not ‘democratic’ enough, the more votes the ‘Nationalists’ are going to get.

Because the West’s moral and strategic hollowness is now more visible than ever before. The war in Ukraine, the chaos in the US elections, and the abject misery in each country where the Western war machine has tried to ‘bring democracy’ are for all to see. So basically, it is Modi 1 and Soros 0.

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