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As Rajasthan police leave out his name from accused list in Bhiwani case, read how Islamists and left vilified Monu Manesar, trying to paint a target on his back

Like Nupur Sharma case, it was Md Zubair of Alt News who had led the propaganda campaign against Bajrang Dal leader Monu Manesar

On February 22, Rajasthan Police left out Gau Rakshak Monu Manesar’s name while talking about the accused in the case of the murder case of two Muslim men, Junaid and Naseer. Reportedly, their charred dead bodies were found in a burnt SUV, and an FIR was registered in the matter in which Manesar was named as one of the accused. Soon after, Monu Manesar released a video and proof that he or anyone of his team member was not involved in the murder case.

Hindu organisations, including Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bajrang Dal and more, came in his support. Notably, Manesar is a Bajrang Dal leader and is actively involved in cow protection. For years, Manesar and his Gau Raksha (cow protection) team have saved hundreds of cows from the hands of smugglers and butchers. Manesar and his team received several death threats in the past and were warned not to indulge in cow protection. However, his team did not step back amidst threats and continued their work.

As Manesar’s name has been removed from the FIR, it is important to note how the whole ecosystem of Islamists and the Left vilified his name and tried to paint a target on his back just like they did to the former Spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party Nupur Sharma, and former BJP leader Naveen Jindal who are living under threat to their lives and Kamlesh Tiwari, Kanhaiya Lal, Kishan Bhardwad, RSS leader Sreenivasan and more who were brutally murdered. Because of such vile propaganda campaigns, Manesar has already received multiple death threats, and since the recent attempt to book him in a murder case, the threat has become more prominent. Speaking to OpIndia, Dr Surendra Jain said Bajrang Dal and VHP will continue to support Manesar and the activists associated with these organisations are not afraid of the threats.

Painting target on Monu Manesar

One of the most prominent names that led the propaganda campaign to paint a target on Monu’s back was none other than Alt News’ co-founder Mohammed Zubair. He is the same propagandist who started an international campaign against Nupur Sharma, as a result of which not only was she suspended from the party but had to go into hiding. The attack on Nupur Sharma had triggered riots in several places in the country, and Islamists killed several people just for supporting her.

Interestingly, Taslim Rehmani, who used derogatory language against Bhagwan Shiv, is living peacefully and continues in the media often. Sharma’s remarks were in reply to Rehmani’s comments. When Zubair shared the video of Sharma, he cunningly trimmed Rehmani’s comment and gave him a free pass.

Now, instead of calling out the menace that cow smuggling has created in the country and how cows that are holy to Hindus are being smuggled, butchered and tortured by smugglers, Zubair started a propaganda campaign against Manesar. In multiple long Twitter threads, Zubair not only handpicked photographs of Manesar but also opened a campaign against other members of his teams.

Zubair ran campaigns against Manesar. Source: Twitter

Zubair published his photographs with political leaders and police officials to insinuate that these prominent personalities threw Manesar’s alleged “crimes” under the rug. In an attempt to put Manesar in a bad light and force his supporters to back off, Zubair did everything in his unlimited and unhinged power. His threat on Manesar has received over 2 million views, over 7,600 retweets and over 18,000 likes.

Another thread on Manesar’s associate Raju Buhana has received 1.2 million views, 7,400 retweets and 17,500 likes.

Zubair targeted Manesar’s associates. Source: Twitter

However, unlike the case of Nupur, Manesar was lucky he was able to publish proof of his innocence, and his name was removed from the FIR. However, it is pertinent to note that the threat to Manesar’s life is not yet over. Those who are hungry for his blood and existence are going to continue to attack him.

The Wire’s propaganda journalist Arfa Khanum Sherwani ran a propaganda-filled campaign too, where she questioned tech companies like Meta for giving a platform to Manesar.

Arfa questioned tech companies for letting him use the platforms. Source: Twitter

The Jamia Times editor Ahmed Khabeer called him a terrorist. Someone who was falsely accused in a case was called a terrorist. Does it remind you of the case of Sadhvi Pragya Thakur?

Jamia Times editor called Manesar a terrorist. Source: Twitter

Congress sympathiser Tehseen Poonawalla ridiculed police for not arresting him.

Even though there is no evidence so far against Manesar, Tehseen decided to drag his name. Source: Twitter

Journalist Rajdeep Sardesai said, “‘Hindutva appeasement’ cannot be allowed to ‘normalise’ murder” and tried to run a media trial on Manesar.

Rajdeep claimed by saving Manesar “murder was being normalised”. Source: Twitter

Indian American Muslim Council also came running to vilify Manesar and the central government. They wrote, “Hindu militant leader Monu Manesar, who murdered two Muslim men and then burnt their bodies in India’s Haryana state, is often seen socialising with senior @BJP4India leaders. In these pictures, Manesar is clicked with India’s home minister, Amit Shah, and Anurag Thakur, Minister of Information. This nexus makes one thing very clear these killings have the backing of the ruling @BJP4India.

IAMC’s tweet against Manesar and union govt. Source: Twitter

Even though there is no evidence so far against Manesar, none of them is going to delete the threads of apologies for running campaigns against Monu Manesar. The threats on his life will continue to rise with the passing of time, and these actors will continue to paint targets on one Hindu after another.

Update: The Rajasthan police has issued a statement about the ‘clean chit’ given to Monu Manesar. They have said that there is no clean chit given to the Gaurakshak, despite no evidence against him. Full report can be read here.

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