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Pradeep Kumar was rescued from Nalhar temple, beaten to death while on his way back by Muslim mob: eyewitness recounts horror to OpIndia

Pradeep Kumar was rescued safely from the Nalhar temple. The Islamists, however, ruthlessly killed him while he was returning from the police station.

On Monday, July 31, 2023, Islamists went on a rampage in the Nuh region in Haryana’s Mewat, area, famously called ‘mini-Pakistan’. The violence took place during the Jalabhishek Yatra taken out by members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad on the auspicious Monday of the Shravan month.

Whatever the Liberals and Islamists may do to defend the Muslim mob that attacked Hindus in Nuh, Haryana, the first-hand accounts from the innocent Hindus who fell victim to this planned Islamist onslaught have a different tale to tell.

Reports suggest that two home guards and a sweetmaker named Shakti Saini were killed along with Bajrang Dal member Abhishek Rajput in the July 31 violence. Another Hindu who fell prey to this barbarity unleashed by the bloodthirsty Muslims was a Bajrang Dal activist named Pradeep Kumar.

Pradeep Kumar, as per an eyewitness account, was rescued safely from the Nalhar temple, where several Hindus were hiding to save themselves from the Islamist mob, and brought to the Nuh police lines. The Islamists, however, ruthlessly killed him on Tuesday, August 1, while he was returning from the police station.

Kapil Tyagi, another Bajrang Dal activist who was accompanying Pradeep Kumar when he was attacked and killed, spoke to Opindia. Recalling how the murderous Islamist mob launched a vicious attack on their car while they were returning from Nuh police lines in the early hours of Tuesday, Kapil Tyagi said that it appeared as if these Islamists were waiting in ambush the entire night. “When they saw our car, they launched a murderous attack on us. Pradeep Kumar, who could not defend himself due to being badly injured, died.” Kapil Tyagi also suffered a lot of injuries in this attack and is undergoing treatment.

According to Kapil Tyagi, he and Pradeep were taken to the Nuh police station after being rescued by the police from the Nalhar temple. After keeping them at the police station for a few hours, at around 2 am on Tuesday (August 1), the police asked them to go back to their respective homes. They told Kapil and Pradeep that a police van would escort them to Gurugram.

Kapil Tyagi further recalled how Pradeep Kumar offered to drive back. They sat in Kapil Tyagi’s Swift Dzire. Three women Bajrang Dal activists, who were also brought to the police station along with Pradeep and Kapil, sat in the back seat of the car. Pradeep volunteered to drop them home first.

Furthering narrating the horror that befell them on Tuesday night, Kapil Tyagi said that when they left the police station their colleagues followed them in another Ertiga car while a police van escorted them. After covering a short distance, the police asked the Bajrang Dal members to proceed on their own. They assured them that the police officers stationed in the Sohna area had done all required security checks and the route was clear. Kapil said that even though he urged the police to follow them further, the latter insisted that they proceed on their own. The police suggested they take the route along the border area.

According to Kapil Tyagi, the route they took was mostly deserted. They had only travelled a short distance without the police when an unfamiliar speeding Scorpio car started following them. Their car must have travelled only a kilometre or two, when, suddenly the Scorpio car intercepted them. Within seconds, from nowhere, a mob of around 300-400 Islamists, including children and aged, came and started pelting stones at their car, said Kapil, adding that the stones went and hit the women passengers sitting in the back seat of his car. Kapil asked the ladies to quickly get out of the car and run and hide somewhere to save their lives.

Meanwhile, one stone pierced through the windscreen of the car and hit Pradeep Kumar, who was sitting in the driver seat, on his head. Pradeep immediately fell unconscious.

Kapil, who sounded horrified recalling what unfolded on that dreadful night, stated that he hurriedly jumped out of the car and attempted to confront the mob. The mob, however, dragged him and started assaulting him. Some people in the mob opened the car door, dragged Pradeep Kumar out, and started to beat him as well. The women most likely hid nearby, he said.

The Bajrang Dal activist said that he kept trying to escape the clutches of the Islamists but every time he tried to do that they caught hold of him and thrashed him even more fiercely. The mob also rained stones at the Ertiga car, which was following their car, but his colleagues somehow managed to escape.

Kapil said that his fellow Bajrang members travelling in the Ertiga car rushed ahead and alerted the police officers stationed at the nearby junction about the attack that was taking place. The police rushed to the spot as soon as they got the information. Seeing the police vans, the mob started fleeing, said Kapil, adding that he faintly remembers that the police rescued him and the women who were hiding nearby and took them to a hospital nearby.

Kapil added that he, himself was injured so badly that he does not remember how Pradeep was saved by the police and when was he taken to the hospital. He added that while he was recuperating in the hospital he learnt that Pradeep Kumar succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi.

While narrating what transpired, Kapil Tyagi told us that he continues to be perplexed by how the Muslim mob was able to obtain such accurate information about the exact time they left the police station and the route they were taking to return home.

Pradeep Kumar, a resident of the Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh, was an office bearer of the Bajrang Dal unit in Gurugram. Being the sole breadwinner of his family, he used to do odd jobs to support them. People associated with the Gurugram unit of Bajrang Dal said that the police will be sending the deceased’s body directly to his native village Baghpat after the autopsy is done and other legal formalities are completed.

As the religious procession came under attack in Nuh, Haryana on July 31, 2023, Hindu devotees revealed to OpIndia and several other platforms that stones were pelted at them from the rooftops, young Muslim boys and men had taken to the mountainous area and were shooting at them from the peaks, acid bottles were thrown at them and several women were harassed. During the violence, several women and children (ranging anywhere between 2000-2500) had taken shelter at the Temple and were rescued only hours later by the police.

OpIndia reported how another Bajrang Dal activist named Abhishek Rajput was shot dead in the violence that the mob unleashed against thousands of Hindu devotees who were participating in the VHP Shobha Yatra on Monday. After shooting Abhishek Rajput, Islamists slit his throat with a sharp weapon and crushed his head with stones, the extent of brutality which is normally associated with terror outfits like the Taliban.

Notably, it has been revealed about Nuh violence that its preparations were being done for 6 months. During the attack, AK-47 was fired on the people surrounding the temple premises. A 14-year-old boy was also shooting.

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