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Meet Dilly Hussain: Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars’, portal which also fanned Leicester violence, now threatens Israelis, had called for turning India ‘Islamic’

The X (formely Twitter) account of Dilly Hussain has now been withheld in India.

On Monday (30th October), the Deputy Editor of the Islamic propaganda website ‘5 Pillars’ called for the targeted harassment and persecution of Israelis in Muslim-majority countries.

Dilly Hussain, a British-born Islamist from Bangladesh, works as the Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars.’ In a tweet on Monday, he announced, “This is the kind of welcome all Israelis should be receiving at the airports of Muslim-majority countries.”

His tweet came hours after a mob of frenzied Islamists ambushed the Dagestan airport in Russia, chanted anti-Semitic slogans and prevented Israeli passengers from deboarding at the airport.

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

Encouraged by the actions of his fellow co-religionists, Hussain called for the setting up of a similar blockade against Israelis in Muslim-dominated nations.

Earlier in July this year, he had tried to rationalise acts of terror by Islamists as ‘fighting oppression and resisting occupation.’

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

He was also seen glorifying terrorism by claiming it to be ‘defensive jihad’ against ‘oppressors and occupiers.’

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

Besides his brazen display of anti-Semitism, the Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars’ has a history of peddling anti-India and anti-Hindu propaganda. In a tweet on India’s Independence Day, he hoped that the Hindu-majority country would soon fall prey to Islamic rule.

“On Indian Independence Day, I pray that Allah (swt): Liberates Indian-occupied Kashmir; Eases the suffering of Muslims and other oppressed minorities; For India to return to Islamic rule. Ameen” he brazened out.

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

Dilly Hussain was seen using dehumanising language against the Hindu community and praying to Allah for the doom of ‘Mushrikeen’ (idolators).

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

“The mushrikeen of India are unsurprisingly backing France over their attacks against the Prophet (saw),” he wrote in a tweet, criticising the response of India’s Hindus against the beheading of Samuel Paty by an Islamic terrorist.

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

Anti-India propaganda

The Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars’ had tried to mobilise support from Pakistanis and Bangladeshi Muslims over the Karnataka Hijab controversy.

This was despite the fact that the Karnataka High Court upheld that the Hijab is not an integral part of Islam and that uniform is a reasonable restriction on ‘Right to Religion.’

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

The Islamic propaganda site ‘5 Pillars’ interviewed ‘sheroes’ of Barkha Dutt, namely, Ladeeda Farzana and Aysha Renna in December 2019 to spread canards about India.

Ladeeda, in one of her posts, had openly called for ‘Jihad’ and had said that people should “learn about our ‘Jihad’”. In another post of hers from April 2018, she was found disrespecting the country by showing ‘middle fingers’ to India.

Similarly, Aysha Renna, the face of anti-CAA riots at Jamia, had called India ‘fascist’ for hanging the terrorist Yakub Memon for his involvement in the Mumbai Blasts that killed hundreds of people.

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

Dilly Hussain was also seen fearmongering about the future of India after Narendra Modi was re-elected as the Prime Minister of India in May 2019.

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

The Deputy Editor of ‘5 Pillars’ was seen challenging the sovereignty of India and claiming that the erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir did not belong to it.

“In the same way, a handspan of Palestine doesn’t belong to the Zionist entity of Israel, not a handspan of Kashmir belongs to India,” he had tweeted.

Screengrab of the tweet by Dilly Hussain

‘5 Pillars’ spread lies about Leicester violence to shield Islamists

The Islamic Propaganda site ‘5 Pillars’, run by Dilly Hussain had tried to pin the blame on the Hindus for the Leicester violence.

The Henry Jackson Society (HJS), founded in 2005, released a 39-page report [pdf] on November 3 and concluded that the false allegations about the Hindu community in Leicester exposed them to hate, vandalism and assault.

“Contrary to press reports at the time, the investigations did not find Hindutva extremist organisations operating in Leicester, but instead discovered a micro-community cohesion issue falsely presented as an issue of organised Hindutva extremism and terrorism,” the summary of the report read.

Screengrab of the tweet by ‘5 Pillars’

Majid Freeman instigated violence in the city of Leicester where Muslim mobs went on a rampage against the Hindu community following the Asia Cup India-Pakistan cricket match on August 28, 2022.

Majid Freeman is a local Leicester Muslim “activist” who is known to harbour problematic and extremist Islamic views. It was reported that Freeman played a key role in spreading fake information and instigating the Muslim mob to launch an attack on Hindu homes and religious places.

Later in September that year, he repeated his lie claiming that a Muslim boy had been targeted and attacked by Muslims in the city. However, the Leicester police had responded to Majid saying that such an incident had not happened.

Screengrab of the tweet by ‘5 Pillars’

Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby met Islamist Majid Freeman, who was at the helm of the Leicester disinformation campaign and helped him set the narrative in favour of the perpetrators. The meeting was covered by ‘5 Pillars’, which introduced him as a ‘Muslim activist.’

The Islamic propaganda site also repeated the lie about the supposed involvement of RSS in the Leciester violence.

Screengrab of the tweet by ‘5 Pillars’

The Islamic propaganda site was also seen peddling make-believe stories to portray Islamists as the victims and the Hindu community as the perpetrators.

Screengrab of the tweet by ‘5 Pillars’

Given his innate hatred against Hindus and India, it comes as no surprise that Dilly Hussain has now called for the targeted harassment of the Jewish community and Israelis in Muslim-majority countries. His X (formerly Twitter) account has now been withheld in India.

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