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Politically incorrect. Author, Flawed But Fabulous.

How a self proclaimed feminist journalist’s behaviour drove a female journalist to attempt suicide

A journalist attempts suicide after alleging harassment by The Wire journalist Krishna Kant.

How media allows incompetent ‘senior’ journalists to spread misinformation and lies

Senior journalist who does not believe in fact checking while writing opinion pieces.

My ‘feeble’ outrage and protest over Mahmood Farooqui’s acquittal

No, feeble or otherwise, is an absolute no. Consent is non-negotiable.

Facing 20 years of anti-incumbency, Gujarat Assembly elections won’t be a cakewalk for the BJP

It is time the BJP pulls up their socks and stops taking Gujarat for granted.

Congress now drags diplomatic relations of India in domestic politics

Congress disrespects Japanese PM Abe Shinzo, reduces him to "electioneering" in Gujarat

All does not seem to be well between Kumar Vishwas and Arvind Kejriwal

In an interview to Prabhat Khabar, Vishwas takes sly digs at Kejriwal.

In a democracy like India, Rahul Gandhi bats for dynasty

Rahul Gandhi goofs up, yet again.

Journalists slam Shehla Rashid for bullying Republic TV journalist

Shehla Rashid bullies a reporter, media fraternity calls her out.

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