Saturday, September 18, 2021


Gujarat Assembly election

Can Hindutva fight the ‘poison of casteism’ that Modi talked about after Gujarat results?

Many supporters want BJP to stick to Hindutva to defeat caste politics. But will it work electorally?

AAP loses deposits on all seats in Gujarat and even got lower votes than NOTA on a few

The AAP has fared badly on all 33 seats it contested elections on

How did Gujarati Muslims vote with Congress’ soft Hindutva approach in Gujarat Assembly Elections

Did the muslims abandon Congress because of its soft hindutva approach

EVMs silence critics by passing Gujarat test with flying colours

The EVMs officially 'worked' in Gujarat

Congress can’t decide whether to blame EVM tampering for loss or claim moral victory in Gujarat

The Congress seems to be contradicting itself in its reactions

Find out which Exit Poll got the Gujarat electoral predictions absolutely spot on

Which exit poll performed the best based on current trends

Ankit Lal on EVMs – The art of crying wolf

Ankit Lal tries to prove inaccuracy of EVMs by dubious usage of technical terms

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