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Poet Munawwar Rana likens Taliban to Maharishi Valmiki, claims they fought for ‘freedom of their land’

Poet Munawwar Rana claims Talibanis are fighting for freedom of their land and claimed that they are 'aggressive' not terrorists.

‘Will personally see off Munawwar Rana if he leaves UP after Yogi is re-elected as CM,’ says Dy CM Dinesh Sharma

Munawwar Rana had threatened to leave UP if Yogi Adityanath is re-elected as the CM with the help of AIMIM

Munawwar Rana threatens to leave UP if Yogi is reelected CM, gives unique reason behind Muslims having 8 children: Details

Munawwar Rana has said that he will leave Uttar Pradesh if Mahant Yogi Adityanath is reelected the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

Uroosa Rana, Munawwar Rana’s daughter, says UP Congress Chief Ajay Kumar Lallu misbehaved with her when she went to meet Priyanka Gandhi

Urooa Rana, the daughter of controversial poet Munnawar Rana, said that she had gone to meet Priyanka Gandhi during a protest

Munawwar Rana’s son had staged a fake attack on himself, UP police give updates as they hunt for him: Read full details

On Friday (July 2), the police arrested Haleem, Sultan, Shubham and Satyendra for staged attack on Munawwar Rana's son Tabrez

UP Police’s late-night raid at poet Munawwar Rana’s house to arrest son Tabrez. Details of the case

While referring to the police as 'government-sponsored hooligans', Fauzia Rana claimed that the officials denied the entry of media persons and her lawyers into her house.

‘Yogi can get me killed too’: Poet Munawwar Rana goes on deranged rant over mass religious conversion case

Calling the mass conversions case a plot by Yogi Adityanath to win the upcoming state assembly elections, Rana mocked Hindus for getting converted for a small amount of money.

Poet Munawwar Rana incites mob to take down the Parliament, set crop godowns on fire

In a now deleted tweet, Munawwar Rana gave a call to demolish the Parliament building and set the godowns for grains storage on fire.

“I would have done the same”, says poet Munawwar Rana supporting the beheading of French teacher Samuel Paty by an Islamic terrorist

Munawwar Rana claimed honour killing has been allowed for thousands of years so beheading for blasphemy should be allowed

“Even a prostitute in India charges more for selling herself than Ranjan Gogoi did”: Munawwar Rana spews venom over Ram Janmabhoomi verdict

Munawwar Rana refused to apologize for his statements, saying that he had not said anything wrong. He said that if he apologises he would feel that he too has sold himself.

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