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Mazar with 2 graves under a neem tree: The place in Prayagraj where father and daughter were converted to Islam, women and children were...

This mazar is situated in the premises behind the Prayagraj railway station, accessible through narrow lanes.

Late Maulana Mushtaq Ali and his sons sexually assaulted, forcibly converted Hindu woman and daughter to Islam; Akram, Junaid, and Faizan arrested in Prayagraj

Mushtaq Ali and his sons Akram, Junaid, and Faizan forced a woman and her father to convert to Islam. Mushtaq Ali died in October. Other three accused are arrested.

Support for blasphemy killers, dehumanisation of non-Muslims and more: Meet Khadim Rizvi, the Pakistani Islamist cleric who inspired Prayagraj attacker

"You (Khadim Rizvi) told us that angels would come if we tread the path of Allah. You have said to not just kill 1 individual but make a pile of dead bodies of Islam's enemies," Lareb Hashmi said in viral video.

Bus conductor Harikesh Vishwakarma – whom Lareb Hashmi tried to behead for ‘blasphemy’ – hails from a poor family, colleagues paying hospital bills, Hashmi...

Ram Shiromani Vishwakarma said that he did not know what was the reason for such brutality shown by Lareb Hashmi against his son.

BTech student Lareb Hashmi, who attacked bus conductor for ‘insulting the Prophet’, suspended by his college

A BTech student of United College of Engineering and Research in Prayagraj was suspended for attacking a bus conductor.

UP: Samajwadi leader and history-sheeter Mohammad Muzaffar arrested while trying to flee in Burqa in Prayagraj

On Sunday (15th October), the police produced the Samajwadi Party leader before the court. The court sent Kaurihar block president Mohammad Muzaffar to jail.

ISIS terrorist Rizwan Ashraf was in contact with several clerics, mosques and madrasas, was forming a terror module in Prayagraj

ISIS terrorist Rizwan Ashraf was developing a terror module in Prayagraj before he was arrested from Lucknow.

Uttar Pradesh: Priest Manindra Mani Tripathi of Ram Janaki temple brutally killed in Prayagraj, body recovered with mouth and limbs tied

Priest Manindra Mani Tripathi of Ram Janaki temple tragically murdered in Uttar Pradesh's Prayagraj.

‘No one saved Satyam as everyone was afraid of Yusuf’: Read the account of the residents of Turkpurwa near Prayagraj where minor boy was...

Speaking to OpIndia, local residents of Kheeri described Yusuf as a bully and a man who beat people on a daily basis

“Nobody saved my brother, Pradhan Mohammad Yusuf kicked me and left”: Satyam Sharma’s sister opens up on the village pradhan’s role in her brother’s...

Satyam Sharma's sister has alleged that village Pradhan Mohammad Yusuf was involved in the lynching of her brother Satyam Sharma

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